James Lindsay explains Herbert Marcuse, a leading cultural Marxist from the 50's and 60's.
You will hear how this fits with the sexual revolution, the wokies and the 'vision' of and his .
We're dealing with .

on , while 'our leaders' are enjoying their filet mignon with a glass of Aloxe-Corton. 🍷

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I'm planning to have these printed on plastic. It's time that 'folks' (=Marxist term) understand what these cute badges stand for and that is planning to bring in .

James Lindsay read from Paulo Freire's work on how to roll out Marxism. This is what is done in schools, he explains. They're preparing (your) children for a cultural revolution, as in Maoist China. This revolution has no end and should be perpetual. Paulo Freire was very influential on Henry Kissinger and Klaus Schwab. You may want to listen to this one.

I'm confused now:
Was I arrested by , last year on 28 March 2021 ? They do seem to work together.

Another psychopath PM with a few words at the congress, something about loosing the momentum because the population (of useless eaters) is no longer scared. 🇳🇿

For those who have missed our vacation for a second year: may soon offer you something unexpected.

timeline has been erased till 6 May. This Tweet is supposed to be from 3 May. How convenient.
I would not put it passed them to post something like that. Vampires. 🌐

Scroll to 11'00" and listen how this psychologist, Orit Gadiesh, suggests looking for a 'common enemy' to (basically) roll out . 🌐

I've been saying this for a while: The Globalist douchebags trying to push Coca Cola Communism on us. So I made me another shirt. 🌐

Klaus Schwab:
'When the crisis is over, some will perhaps recognize that their country has changed into a place in which they no longer wish to live'. (Roughly translated by a Dutch guy) 🌐

'Meat is not good for the climate and is racist.' So they're phasing it out. For you. Not for them. 🥩

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