Yesterday… Femke Halsema, the leftwing mayor of Amsterdam had banned a demonstration of people who don't like the Rona measures, people who want to meet other normal people.
Mayor Femke was fiercely defending the right to demonstrate, many talk shows ago. But when you don't like the roll-out of the Great Reset or the Rona measures, your event gets banned. 🚔
(I know the guy on the ground. He got terribly bitten by a dog.) 🐕‍🦺


has a good summary of what happened. Towards the end you see shots that were taken before the police beatings. 🚔

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: Yesterday in , I spoke to the man who unwillingly became a dog toy and ended up all over the news. Werner. He did hear that Special Rapporteur on Torture and Human Rights Nils Melzer was looking for testimonies on his next tour. He did not do anything with that yet. 😮 He asked me to send Melzer's twitter handle.
Initially the prosecuter let him go and had his wounds treated. But the cops changed their minds and charged him with 'assault'. The best defense is attack…

@SirHendrick Are you sure this guy isn't Steve Carell from The Office (US)... coincidence I think not!

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