Back from being arrested… 🚔
Yes. In the People's City of Amsterdam the mayor decided to let loose the water cannon. That left a group of 'coffee drinkers' small enough to arrest and process. I've been given a note that I'm not allowed to go the same area until June this year, by the District Attorney. We'll see if this even lawful, how it stands up in court. And I'll be sent something over the mail.

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📽️ Grab some nachos for a 12-minute video on my Sunday in The People's City of , , . 🚔 📣 💦 🚨

Perspective from the other side. This journalist was arrested too. Nothing matters anymore. 🇳🇱 🚔 🚔 🚔 🚔

Here's the perspective of a journalist simply following the police as they move forward. 🇳🇱

The confrontation between the Playmobiles and the veterans. 🇳🇱

Here you witness the limited effectiveness of the water cannon, an arrest by the (AE) and how we were surrounded by police vans. 🇳🇱

This is another great viewpoint, proving that 'pissing in the wind' will get you wet, even if you use an extension mounted on a truck with 8000 liters of water. There's even a short remark before they score an own goal. 💦

And where was I, when this went down with the water cannons? Well, behind the word 'mild' on the banner. In my orange fashion statement…

Better than hague. Greetings from central plains of eastcoast of gulag peninsula. Hague made us recall from memory.


Why are Dutch government trying to outdo the Germans (WW2) in oppressing the Dutch?

@Viking They're not. They're doing their bit in forcing in Coca Cola Communism.


I wish you could define the different groups more clearly:

playmobiles (police vehicles)

the dutch govt seems to going full-on fascist

they are banning free speech and the formation of organizations for a group of MAPs

this may be a related issue, but they going in the wrong direction

@SirHendrick So minus one journo, there were 333 slaves arrested on NA show 1333 day😎 Ding! Magic #

@SirNielsdenOliesjeik Yeah. But other reports speak of 305 who are denied access for 3 months. That makes ME a little more special.

Was the reference to the red inflatable hearts joking or is something uo with that group?

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