Here's a good example of why protesting in is risky. A demonstrator on his scooter is summoned by a cop to go away. He refuses. The cops react mercilessly. They're called 'Romeo's' these guys. 🚔

What really happened here?
As always: Who filmed this? We can see now that the *special* police filming van was there to perfectly gather the footage.
Not understandable was that the scooter was not taken by the police but by 'the girlfriend'. How do they know?
Her conduct is still rather civilized, despite profanities.
In hindsight this looks like a police demonstration 'Don't fuck with the police'. 🚨

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Someone I know was present during this arrest (He was busted too). He tells me that there's nothing more to this. I'm looking into it too much.

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@SirHendrick Defund Johan Remkes? Oh wacht, dat gebeurd morgen al.

@SirHendrick Do we know what happened to the guy on the Scotter?

@SirHendrick looks weird. Do you think he was an under cover cop getting extracted, my Dutch is no good anymore. 35 years out of date. What happened to the Badass Dutch cops in Porsche Targas with motorcycle helmets and night sticks.?

@RoboftheVolcano I'm suspected this is a live-recorded clip for the purpose of perception management: Don't fuck with the police. Crisis actor or undercover cop. The chick is likely a crisis actor. However: Someone has to know them.
Head of police and head of police union were complaining about video's being edited and shown out of context.
I think they want full grip on what is shown.

@SirHendrick it's interesting. keep an eye open. somethings no Kosher/!

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