To show you what policing looks like in multicultural (, ) I give you an impression of one arrest of one foreigner (Morrocan Berber, probably). This explains why so many cops need to go to a single 'disturbance'. Enjoy. We do daily.

@SirHendrick I see all those numbers, but what does Joe think? The benefits of a monocoque v-hull notwithstanding (I was in the turret when my M1151 got blown up by an IED), the HMMWV was seriously more ergonomic than the RG-31 and Maxxpro MRAPs that rolled out as replacements while I was deployed.

Report on vaccination (Dutch): "Helaas is deze groep uiteengevallen toen bleek dat subsidie voor dit project niet haalbaar was omdat de tijd niet rijp was voor een onderzoek waarvan de uitkomst mogelijk schadelijk zou kunnen zijn voor het imago van het Rijks Vaccinatie Programma. "
This means that certain research was not done into vaccination because it may have negative consequences for the National Vaccination Program. 💉

Here's a good story of how a PR company from the UK was sent to to produce video's looking like 'Arab production' and then track where these were being played.

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