It's good that Americans own guns. What could possibly happen if they didn't?

James Lindsay was kicked off from Twitter after the word  was banned. Lindsay explains how cultural operates and reads from Marxist writings. It's only time before his channel is removed by YouTube.
He explains about the Maoist prison (Twitter ban) where he's asked to admit guilt and confess. He's not planning any of that.

Here's the doctor explaining on camera what she saw when returning from Lelystad, going through Friesland.

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Another revelation about the . The Dutch press reported that the farmers on their tractors have been driving in the wrong direction on the motorway. This was once, near .
A doctor, Berber Pieksma, witnessed the whole thing. She explains how the farmers were DIRECTED by the police to do this. And they were using the strip next to the motorway, where no traffic would be.
This is yet another example of how the media misleads. 🚜

This is noteworthy.
While upside down flags of 🇳🇱 are flying in many fields, on lantern poles and bridges, one photo popped up. It showed a Nazi-style swastika flag, while the grass behind it was burning. The press photographer was questioned about the photo. Someone said he spotted this photographer's car in the background.
Anything to have the loose sympathy, anything for making some money.
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🇮🇱 The rumor goes that Joseph Mengele will be awarded the same prize posthumously.
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Watch "How the HR Monster Destroyed the Workplace: The Woke Mission Creep of Human Resources Departments" on YouTube

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