Live feed of & in Apeldoorn (not Amersfoort). Actually, the saint is accompanied by politically correct Smudge Petes'.

Today will accompany into the country. He should land at Amersfoort.
A suggestion has been made to appease the easily-offended.

James Les Mesurier, founder of the theater group 'The White Helmets' fell from a balcony in Istanbul? Kevork Almassian analyses the event. 🕵🏼

Curry en Van Inkel Podcast: "Wat er niet gezegd werd in DWDD"

: takes the position that thermal effects are the only effect on our bodies. Governments follow this.
Here's research that shows that glucose use changes upon exposure to a cell phone.

After complying with their order to walk away, the Palestinian man is shot in the back by the soldiers.
It's a culture that needs to be exposed. 🇵🇸

What was the link between Jimmy Saville, the Yorkshire Ripper, and British politics? 🎎

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