Another in that has been cancelled by the 'Regional Safety Group', a name to hide that the mayor decided this. In , everything is kept vague to make the citizens feel tiny and powerless.

The People's City of 🇨🇳 is going full retard on . 👴🏻 👵🏻

One analysis of this 'initiative' is that the project was ordered by the government. The cyber soldiers () did not fall for the idea to label protesters as 'terrorists'.
This leaves the regime with egg on its face.
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So now it will be interesting if this group, the LIMC will stand its ground. During a meeting last Sunday, I heard that the military in general does not want to play along with the current roll out of neo-communism.

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The Germanic languages.
Close your eyes and see if you can guess them.

🕵🏻 In , the military cyber soldiers have mapped out the threats from the alternative media.
One of my friends address is on the map. She's one of the rebels who distributes , a newspaper, the first of (now) three publications with viewpoints outside the grasp of the globalists. Earlier, the 'anti-terrorism czar' lobbed these media among the domestic terrorists.

I've been hit by the censors! Talking about high-level child rapist networks violates the community guidelines. Fortunately, I've set up my channel on . 🔇

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