Correction: Some wallets that were 'brought in as lost' contained money, some did not. 40 countries, 355 cities, 17 000 wallets.

European cultures, especially in the North, are showing the are 'high-trust societies'. Adding people from Morocco does not improve matters. The UK and USA setting a poor example. And Chiners are the worst.

After all the earth quakes caused by gas drilling destroying houses in the province, now the govt wants to turn into a testing ground for radiation with the population as involuntary participants.

Yana Peel owns Serpentine Galeries 🐍 , judges for award on freedom of expression, and co-owns NSO, the makers of , to spy on dissidents. That's hardly subtle. 🕵🏼

Attacking Russia's power grid, wouldn't that simply be an 'act of war'? If the US would suffer one of these, how would it react?

Comedian Jo Brand suggests using battery acid in stead of milk shakes when dealing with certain politicians.

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