and German Intelligence sold encryption machines from Switzerland through Siemens to sell these to over 100 countries, from the 70's…90's under the name . They also spied on allies like Turkey, Spain, Portugal and Belgium. Dutch involvement too, after a small company developed encryption technology. Visited by Dutch intelligence, they were made an offer they could not refuse. Philips took over production after downgrade. 🕵🏻 @adam

To get an idea of what it was like to be bombed by the British: the documentary will help. 🔥 🏚️ 🔥

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A typical Lancaster bomb load: fire bombs with one block buster to make the fire spread. 🔥 🏚️ 🔥

One of the best examples in its category is , the modular body. But what category?

does not like to make films about the atrocities of . An independent film maker produced three works on the Gulags, on a shoe-string budget. This weekend I plan to watch these. 📽️

debate in . Even if you don't speak Dutch, you can hear the words 'crowd control' as one of the uses for 5G deathrays. She continues to speak of protests as an example. Yep. 5G is for the police state, folks. 👮🏻 🚔 👮🏻‍♂️

To deal with Corona, the French have changed to a more hygienic way of greeting.

: Here's a Corbett Report 🎙️ about another book about freeing yourself from the technocratic state. I want to order this one too.

: If we want our freedom and be self-reliant, take responsibility then de-centralized solutions are needed. Stefan Verstappen, who wrote books on survival of societal colaps is writing a book on the subject. Listen to him on 's . 🎙️

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