The Treaty of from 1920, another dictate like the one from Versailles. This week it ends. It was meant to break up the Austro-Hungarian Empire after the First World War. So I guess this week the Empire is going to be glued together again. 🇭🇺

Blade with Christopher Walken as Blade.
...hang on, no.. I kinda wanna see what that would look like!

A pallet of bricks nowhere near any construction site, in the middle of the shopping area, courtesy of the City of Dallas. Explain that if you can. 🌐

Eindhoven's mayor corroborates Maurice de Hond's opinion and clearly states that "we're trying to show that we are in control". It's medical security theater. Wear your props and play your roles as extra. 🗣️ 😷 @adam

on the shady dealings of the : and bones, (a.k.a. ), , and (human lab rats). You can watch. I just listened. Very interesting. 🧠 ❣️ 💀 👨🏻‍🔬

and governments tell us that the only imaginable threat to the human body from (and the other G's) is thermal. Here's Elon Musk who rolls out 5G satellites. What did he just say?!

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Vaxxed 2.
This documentary shows you what the parents have seen happen to their children after they've been vaccinated. And how healthy children can be without these jabs. 💉

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