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Sir Hendrick ⚔️ @SirHendrick

@temporaryDouchebag It's a type of pathological altruism and ethnic masochism.

@ChrisWilson People who think for themselves are a threat to the elite. I suppose these are the ones refusing and as she points out: They're white and educated.

'Let's get rid of the whites in the US', says disease expert, confronted with well-educated people refusing

Here are newspaper clippings from the Second World War. These prove that the Germans did not 'steal' the bicycles from the Dutch. They ordered them to be sold at a very reasonable price for those days. @adam

@HiroProtagonist This clip only serves to indicate a mental problem. You cannot discuss with these types. They're as slippery as an eel in a bucket with snot.

"There never was a truly communist country" and " is the precursor to ". This film may cause anal leakage…