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Sir Hendrick ⚔️

Dating chicks: Comply with the list or forget about it. 😆

Reportedly… Antarctica's ice is melting, especially around the red spots.

You think vaccination helps? The manufacturer does not.

The influence on the brain from radiation inside modern cars. Yes, it's in German. The images are clear enough to understand it. This is interesting with regards to electric cars and , .

The fucking mayor of fucking London got this fucking right…

The Dutch prime-minister cleans up his coffee spill - a stunningly transparent piece of goes viral. The Dutch love nothing more than people on the top who remained 'common'. @adam

Russian troops training descending the stairs. Their mothers are not going to be pleased with how they treat their garments.

On board The Red Dwarf artificial intelligence can prove a true nuisance too. Here's Talky, the talking toaster… @adam

, like in China with Sesame Points, social credits, are all implemented to train the slaves. John Taylor Gatto explains breaking the will…