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Italian politicians on and the number of bots that follow them.

In case you were wondering if was a democracy: "Hoang Duc Binh was convicted of abusing democratic freedoms to infringe on the interests of the state…"

Dutch foreign policy is traditionally embarrassing. Here you see RT's reaction on the lies by Zijlstra, the country's foreign minister (who resigned with tears of self-pity).

foreign minister resigns. Perhaps he understands that a liar is not the best top-diplomat.

Corbett takes on a 'journo' from the Guardian on the White Helmets and a hit piece on Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett.

Foreign minister claimed to have been on 's datsha, while working at . He overheard the conversation and in his speech says Putin wants to have the Baltics, Ukraine and White Russia back. Now that is minister it comes to bite him in the butt. He admits the mistake, right before going to , right before the city elections. home minister comes to his aid.

Basket case appoints a Pakistani muslim to be in charge of its cultural heritage. Cultural is all about uprooting a people, leaving them dazed about their origins. You see, Vikings were really muslims.

: Here's a Kurdish protest where a Turkish taxi driver is assaulted. Let's bring in more people who hold a grudge against one another. Great idea.

A veiled threat by Dutch interior minister , calling rising political star Thierry Baudet 'worse than Wilders', who's already considered Satan's representative. History repeats itself. In 2003 her equally left-wing predecessor did not arrange protection for Pim another rising star who was shot in a parking lot. Patsy blamed. He was allowed to join the conference that year. vs.

The 1004 are now hidden? And we need to login and a secret code? Why?!

Here's the world, adapted to the scientific knowledge it churns out. Source: Laura Czerniewicz, Centre for Higher Education Development van de University of Cape Town

An infrared photo of the headquarters of the Green-Left party in shows they do not care as much about climate as they insist others should care.

Shock Blog wins after threatening with legal firepower. The EU site removes the claim. They call it a 'translation error'. .