protects the feelings of men who say they are women and want their scrotum waxed, against feminists who don't recognize them as women. Tweeter bans these .

Meanwhile in , a man is trying to put on a strange sweater.
If at first you don't succeed, keep trying.

Pharmaceutical giant is being sued over . The company was aware of the side effects like aggression and suicidal tendencies. They didn't include these in the packaging.

Marcel Gelauff claims his organization is non-political and brings reliable news. However, the has been shown to bring left-leaning news, slanted and manipulated. True journalist Arnold Karskens has compiled a black book on the news organisation.

: protesters show up at the national broadcast organisation to protest the they show on the news. The head editor shows up to speak with them.

Ex-VJ and current Amsterdam city council member Sylvana Simons comments on the shooting of a man firing around with a fake weapon. Within hours after the incident, she comments the police makes the streets 'less safe'. Every other council member is disgusted by her 'shooting from the hip'. @adam

If are sarcastically defined as 'middle class people who claim to know what is good for working people', and should be regarded as 'middle class people who are alarmed by working people thinking for themselves'. - Gilad Atzmon in 'Being in Time' ⚪️

The French GLI-F4 teargas grenade has more high explosive than the mine that was used in Vietnam, intended to blow off a foot.

🇮🇹 Italy honors Trump in parade with massive sculpture.
Italy confronts France about their policy and riot control measures.
- nice country.

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