, : The GreenLeft and D66-socialist city rulers are faced with objections to their plan to chop down 1796 trees. For 'safety'. Read about it in this bilingual article. 🇬🇧 🇳🇱 🌳 theconsciousclub.com/articles/

One of the worst climate gases is SF₆. This has been kept a secret. Why do you think? Electric installations depend on this gas, including those on renewables…


Barbare Spectre, the jewess who wants to force Europe to become multicultural, showed up on a conference with Jacob Rothschild. She advocates eradication of white people.

Here are the… eh… I don't know what to call them. They're not cops. They're not beloved either.

Barry Jennings' testimony on the explosions in WTC7. He died under mysterious circumstances. #911

Monday 9 Sept. 2019 a protest in The Hague against the roll-out of in , 'because Brussels says so'. The puppetry that is/are our government(s) follow the advise of , the make-belief scientific institute that really represents . Here's their spokeshole , who makes no effort to defend their standpoint.

No shame: US bribes and threatens Iranian captains of crude tanker vessels to steer their ship to another country. ☠️

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