These People Want Us Dead

I just don’t care anymore. If I’m going to die from this I’m going to die. Let me. If you’re scared lock yourself up in a hermetically sealed room and crap in a bucket for the legendary “2 weeks.” This is ridiculous and we all know it. Imagine strangers telling you that you can only have 10 people to Thanksgiving dinner. What, because they have “titles” now it’s OK?

@SirFahrenheit I will be having 20+ at Thanksgiving. These people can go fk themselves.


if we all BELIEVED we're all in this together, it might be OK...

... but there's no way you can trust hypocrisy, contradictory restrictions in different areas, arbitrary limits, ...

"Show me the science..." as they say. And be consistent, for crying out loud.

All over a statistical fart in the wind. And that assumes the numbers are legit, which I'm not willing to do.

@SirFahrenheit not really.... and I'm not betting any money on this. IF there's corruption, I just want to know.

If not, fine. Either way. Really.

not the only ones but, as they say, take a look at the SCIENCE. BTW, last I checked, no math phd's have killed Dr. Shiva's stuff (his research is fully open source and uses NY Times data files, among others). Not even Nassim Taleb who is fast to shoot down stuff like this. Yet, anyway.


I haven't had the chance to check his stuff out yet. It's on my list lol. Getting out of hand, that thing.

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