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The fact that you have accepted a bunch of psychopaths holding your lifestyle hostage unless I inject some garbage potion is not my problem. It doesn't obligate me to do squat & gives you exactly as much right to interfere with my life.

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If someone here on NAS really expects accounts here to be banned for arbitrary reasons, I strongly suggest finding somewhere else to post.

Free Speech rules the roost here.

Speech is not violence.

Those who disagree don't really fit-into NA Tribe. One cannot decry the censorship of the world we live in today, while trying to perpetrate the same kind of censorship onto our community.

Just My Humble Opinion.

I was a total piece of garbage until 2017. That’s when even though I was really sick, my wife left me. It was a total and complete kick in the balls. I dated around for a few months but nobody could even begin to fit that hole. The habits and personal things developed together don’t ever go away. Yeah, I got physical needs met but that was all.
It took that pain and misery to learn why I was such a piece of garbage. I stopped dating, focused on me and we were back together 6 months later. 1/x

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