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The fact that you have accepted a bunch of psychopaths holding your lifestyle hostage unless I inject some garbage potion is not my problem. It doesn't obligate me to do squat & gives you exactly as much right to interfere with my life.

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@Effortless They should look into suing go fund me and any other organization that attempted to steal their money.


She, like many, many public black women is merely a hairdo and an outfit.

It does bother me though, that so many of the young buy that simple presentation. They're OK with all cover and no book.

Watch "Rand Paul Deep Dive | Grand Theft World Extras 079" on YouTube

Coincidently, I'm heating up some Cincy 5 way as John's going through this

Within less than a day the chans have discovered.
>the shooter was a registered democrat
>The shooter was a member of Antifa
>the shooter was never active on 8chan
>the shooter got no traction on 4chan
>the attack happened in the FBI's backyard.
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