The Blizzard of Bogus Journalism on Covid

"The world is being seriously misled by major media organs. The politicians are continuing to panic and impose draconian controls, fully nine months into this, and despite mountains of evidence of the real harm the lockdowns are causing everyone. If you haven’t lost faith in politicians and...

Basketball teams wearing muzzles inside an arena where there are no fans is obedience signaling. Period.

I think one can safely extrapolate from the amount of interstate traffic today that most Americans think the CDC can go drown in a vat of cream of asshole soup.

Why can’t all the afraid people just stay home, order your goods & let the brave live free.

Why is that so hard?!

Anybody on here know of the guy who was analyzing military/CIA flights since the election? I can't remember where I saw it. I wanna say the guy had a moniker with the word monkey on it.

So we’re basically getting a vaccine that doesn’t *prevent* the disease, only perhaps lowers or manages the symptoms, takes patients with low-grade symptoms as the entry point, and then claims 90% effectiveness. Against a population with 99.8% infection fighting capabilities either through their bodies or through other proven medications and therapeutics. So then, what exactly is this vaccine doing, or what or whom exactly is it meant for?

“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty ... The obedient must be slaves.”

-- Thoreau

@commandlinekid @SirFahrenheit @adam Look close at the image of the filing and you can see that GS's name has been added to the image and is not as blurry as the rest of the doc's print.

Anybody see the Soros arrested story? Can anybody confirm?

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