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The fact that you have accepted a bunch of psychopaths holding your lifestyle hostage unless I inject some garbage potion is not my problem. It doesn't obligate me to do squat & gives you exactly as much right to interfere with my life.

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Who's got recommendations for bitcoin mining pools?

If you have anyone around you worried about eating meat send them to this site. Dr. Weston A Price
studied native diets around the world where cancer and heart disease didn't exist.

@Drebscott Do web chapters expire after a number of days? Catching up on old shows & they're not showing up.

Who's the jamoke who said, "my good lady, I'm trying to give you the floor, boo" from Louisiana?

If only you could pull the show open from the preshow, @adam

Stakeholder capitalism to me sounds like WEF types saying "we own shit that we don't legitimately own, & you don't own shit that you do legitimately own."

John's pronunciation of Appalachia today is exactly correct & here's the best explanation for why it matters. @adam

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