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As far as English speaking countries go, it's weird to have our most important free "speech" advocate #Assange hail from Australia, being held in the United Kingdom on behalf of the interests of the United States. #LiberalValues my ass.

When the tree is rotten at it's roots, how can you expect healthy fruits?

this is a public announcement:

if you are overweight, you are not physically healthy. if you are extremely overweight, you are almost certainly going to die a lot sooner than your natural lifespan would allow. that is not a good thing.

if you respect yourself enough to not let that happen, then you will at least try to do the work and stop driving your life into the ground.

i hate to burst your bubble, but passively or actively, it is actually your fault. regardless of ability, you are choosing to engage in destructive behaviors and/or refusing to do positive ones.

does that make you angry? good! use that anger to benefit yourself!

here’s some beginner tips: don’t eat fried food, don’t eat candy, and don’t drink sugar soda. hell, don’t drink /any/ soda. there’s this thing called “water” and believe it or not, it’s 100% required for regulating the human body (as well as every other living creature).

at /least/ drink water, please. food habits are tough to break, because your brain has hard-wired itself to reward you when you eat these things.

so, alternatively: do your legs work? if they do, use them! just walk for a while every day, and add time to that walk when you’re able to.

if they don’t, that’s fine. start with the food first. if you are literally unable to walk regardless of weight, there are definitely other ways to exercise. i don’t have any tips for that specifically, but there definitely are people who do.

there’s plenty of (non-tumblr) resources available online, and if you’re willing to take action then you can find them yourself.

doing positive things for yourself despite inconvenience is a really good habit to have. so start now!

if i can put in the effort, you sure can!

p.s. cancel me if you want, but that won’t stop your heart from failing. as i said, use that anger as motivation!

Can you imagine the reaction if this was because of the virus instead of the “cure”?

@adam: You will reach herd immunity if all the Republicans die and the rest has vaccinated or has had it. You’re going to reach it.
@Johncdvorak: You’re advocating the Republicans die all along, so what’s the bitch?

“In my many years, I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm and three or more is a congress.” — John Adams

Hey! HEY!!! All you covidiots! Where's all the dead people in Texas, huh? In Florida? You QUACKS!!! There should be bodies piled on EVERY STREET CORNER BY NOW!!! Where my chicken little charlatans at??? 

If you're against freedom of speech, then be the change you want to see in the world and Shut The Fuck Up.

Free speech ***IS*** absolutist, fucking seltzer weenie boy.

Don't be a freedom fighter. Be a freedom TAKER. You don't fight for your freedom, you take it. It belongs to you anyway.

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