From @RepThomasMassie on Twitter:

”I just played this video for AG Merrick Garland. He refused to comment on how many agents or assets of the federal government were present in the crowd on Jan 5th and 6th and how many entered the Capitol.”

Had to screen shot this text to me for posterity. F this group.

Those who cling to taking a side are dramatically unhappier than those walking the road of dichotomy and nuance.

Looking for shit show suggestions to turn the brain off. Tried the Fast and Furious (#1 and #2) last night. No cocaine in the house, cannot try anything that horrible.

Along the lines of good for the goose, good for the gander, before I submit my taxes, I mandate that all IRS personnel be vaccinated prior to processing my paperwork, as per the guidelines issued by the former vice president Bo Jiden...

I look forward to the certification of this status so that I may start paying any taxes deemed to be due, and that this does not confer that said taxes currently levied shall be deemed appropriate and proper upon acceptance of this certification.

. Listening to latest "pod".

Link to knight Sir Three Legged Dragon's (RIP brother) family fund raise link:

Link to a little more info about his death:

This Marine salutes you and family. SF.

Kiddo buying a house. Loan officer asks for username/password of their financial institution to get last minute docs.

Is this a new normal?

WHO THE FUCK asks these stupid questions?!

and more importantly, who complies?

Not to sound paranoid ... for years I've always suggested everyone read 1984, Brave New World, the Unibomber's manifesto and other works to challenge ones thinking. Starting to think some MF'ers took these as a recipe and instruction manual.

First time watching the @TheView … in Hawaii … courtesy of morning drinking … because, F’ing A its vacation.

What a roller coaster. Oldest mad we won’t help with their first home purchase. No one helped us. Mrs mad at my skepticism about all the COVID circus. Youngest mad I cannot help high school math (no books). Bonus points, I’m the text book definition of what everyone hates these days. Successful, middle aged, dude not named Ben, who constantly questions everything (and ridiculous many) and yet open to all opinions. Still the bad guy. Great times my friends. Great times.

The dichotomy of life.

Some dudes are public bathroom shy.

This guy public napping like a boss.

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