ITM @adam Flying into Amsterdam in a couple of weeks. Is it the Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schipol thats been mentioned in the past? If not, recommendation?

I was doom scrolling my military group on the facebags ... I really miss calling the hogs on station and watching them shoot shit up.

Sleepy Joe needs some love and light during these trying times. Lord knows we have zero interest in what a Kamala presidency might look like.

Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.

Sleevi leaving Google is my 2022 birthday and Christmas present. I predict he'll end up at Fastly considering his circles. Thank the heavens his replacement is reasonable and grounded in reality.

Boris should have just said, I like to drink with my friends and colleagues.

Watching CSPAN2 broadcasting British House of Commons + morning day drinking (apparently me and PM Boris) is hilarious.

Listening to NPR yesterday, mostly for background noise, and there was a report on Asian Americans where they pronounced Asian as awe-sian, like in awesome.

My wife's family is Asian, and none of them have ever heard of that pronounciation.

Is something like LatinX?

Recent trip to NYC.

If prosecutors aren't doing their job, why in the fuck should I follow this shit?

Sitting in Newark Liberty International (EWS) airport listening to “Stay safe” announcements is killing my soul.

Every time I start a history conversation with, “growing up in the 70’s and 80’s …”, my kid immediately interjects, “Is this another drunk history lesson?”

Yes dear, yes it is.

Sometimes I wish I had the life bandwidth to drop acid at least once a year.

The twatter polizie are hilarious. They suspend this cat, an overweight libertarian person of color, whose posts are primarily doing pushups and squats to get back in shape.

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