Just ate a whole thc gummy my buddy gave me. He told me i only need half. Which is ok. But a man has to go in the deep end from time to time. Im gonna go talk to aliens!

Great morning everyone. I am grateful for another beautiful day, my family--two and four legged, human, furry and feathered; the very welcoming community here, job that I love and stock futures being up! Tip of the Day

Bacon (Oh, And Toilet Paper) Shortages Erupt As Americans 'Panic Hoard' Ahead Of COVID Winter

Prepping for Biden's Dark Winter? What's wrong with people? There's plenty of everything like always if everyone simply quits hording.


This is a good mantra to have! Should we have it made into wall art for our [email protected]?😉😂

“We are the 99% together we are mighty”

1 You can stick your Corona Virus up you ass
2 You can stick your Poison Vaccines up your ass
3 Oh I’d Rather be a human than a slave
4 You can stick your New World Order up your ass!

"Nobel Prize for Science winner Professor Levitt of Stanford
- one of the few who called this thing correctly back in February
- with a population fatality rate of 0.04 to 0.05%, largely regardless of lockdown
Now calls it again - on how science has let us all down dreadfully:"

Retoot from:

This is the Western New York spirit I grew up with. All business owners across the country, world should be standing up these useless, brainless, leftest stooges!

They kneel to kids LARPing in hoodies and bicycle helmets, yet fuck with people busting their asses making a living?! Get the fuck out of here..

Buffalo, New York Business Owners Stand Up to Cuomo Lockdown Orders; Chase Out Sheriff & Health Dept


This woman is a hero and a Patriot. Watch that lady on her bike try to spit her usual script of talking points. youtu.be/zqQDmcVICxg


We are still here.

But they more afraid now than 2 weeks ago heh

More on Dominion skipping out of the virtual committee hearing in PA ( just released ) youtu.be/Th09sij9xeE

ITM no agenda fam! Do any of you know of a step by step guide on how to flash a Pixel 4a and install graphene Os? I have a Mac and am struggling even with the guidance of YouTube videos since all I could find was a dude doing it on a windows PC. I'm obviously not one of Hillary's techno experts

I found the press conference everyone was talking about. Starts at 58 minutes in:


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