Watching my 401k value plummet while the federal government gives away free money we don't have to a corrupt European country feels really really great.

Hey president Putin, you should set up a few nuclear missile complexes in Venezuela and Cuba….just to clarify your security prerogatives in Ukraine to the dim bulbs in the USA

For anyone lacking critical thinking skills and the ability to understand a timelines, who still doesn't know what to think about the 2013 - 2022 U.S.-Russia Ukraine Proxy War, someone has made it exceedingly easy for you.

Anything Bono is involved in is lame, douchey, globalist, and not good.

Bono has given that cracked actor, Zelensky, the kiss of death. Sean Penn had just been warming up the toy boy of the Ukrainian-Cypriot-Israeli toy boy president.

New Northeast Ohio meetup is up on No Agenda meetups! 😊As always the reservation will be under No Agenda and we will have the back room all to ourselves! Please make sure you RSVP so we have an accurate count for 56 Kitchen. @surrealestate and I hope to see you there. 😊

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