look at the plant prices on facebags! Inflationary? Before you know it tomato plants will cost more than they can economically yield!

Most of us know the voice associated with this guy from the Simpsons!

Altuve not catching that ball is a perfect example of a game being thrown! Back to watching Hometown on discovery plus!

Just remember she’s 18 going on 19 and probably acting! Greta Thunberg

Remember those houses in Indiana that blew up a few years back just randomly. Talking to a coworker who goes back on a regular basis, she told me that it was a homeowner who was trying to get insurance money and it was a staged ‘electrical’ event which triggered the explosion.

Who’s got the horse zinc doxy combo for sale? Asking for two family members!

When I was a kid I was taught not to let my feelings dictate my actions.

The generation after mine was taught that their feelings should dictate the actions of others.

My wife googled the following and look at the results! Not one result from the actual website….. typical results for a normie! (Google doesn’t know she’s a dame)

Is there ugly green hair a sign of antifa or just the Uber woke or radical left? They all look super woke to me! My wife says it’s just a fad!

Hey all, I’m looking for some programming contracting hours. A Software Developer Engineer in Test (SDET) by trade.

12+ years slinging code in these languages: Typescript/JavaScript, Swift (including XCUITest), Java, C# (.NET Core), some Python, some Obj-C.

unit, functional, API and e2e testing are my bread and butter. Have also set up CI/CD.

Resume: is.gd/FTiPoE

cc @adam @Johncdvorak @Genen @bigl0af @BlueDouche @pip @Therealdcgirl


Book Review: The Vaccine Watchman (1888)

The Vaccine Watchman published in 1888 talks about vaccination of small pox from 1845 and the methods used to coerce the population into being inoculated.

What happened 150-170 years ago is similar to the methods used today.

@neanderthalsnavel our stores went out of business in the last 80s early 90s. My father calls Boardman Youngstown CAK the Bermuda Triangle of economic growth

I know it’s constantly brought up on the show about the health care system specifically hospitals not speaking out. Until the NIH stops handing out a crap ton of money to Academic Medical Centers, nothing will change!
This money is a big deal and our hospital has it at the bottom of all press releases.
This most recent release says we are BUILDING for…. you guessed it administrative space.

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