Seeing as how I anticipate having health care taken away from me for being unvaccinated at some point in the future - what books / resources do you recommend for natural, homeopathic, traditional . . . etc. medical care? Lay it on me, folks!

I've never had to rely on it, and haven't even really used it (yet), but this book has just about EVERYTHING in it from what I can tell.

@SirDaddyO Grab books from my online ebook collection that I just posted about here:

Look for things tagged [health] reference medicine survival etc.

And check all the spreadsheet tabs

Thanks! Awesome library!

But I couldn't access:
[health]Clinical Aspects of Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals.pdf

It gave me an access error when I tried the links.

A healthy diet (steer clear of processed foods) and physical activity.

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