I'm dumb. Can someone help me figure out the whole Lightning Network system thing (arsing around on the internet for a bit and I'm no wiser). I want to join the V4V network, support Podcasting 2.0, and whatnot, but I'm not a Bitcoin/Crypto guy. Any actually useful tutorials you could point me to would be welcome.

@SirDaddyO If you’re not that guy then I’d suggest doing it through their other means of payment. Their is a learning curve in the era of digital coinage. You’ll end up like everyone else; a distracted Degen who checks their portfolio 20 times a day. 😉

I'm not interested in investing in any Coin - just the transactional side of things.

@SirDaddyO All you need is a Non custodial wallet with LN support.

Their are, what seems like, BTC ATM’s in every city/town. I say get a wallet set up and just add cash at an ATM. Skip going through a centralized exchange or using a bank account. I am quite fond of paying fees for convenience. Others do not like getting nickel and dimed on transactions.

I should clarify more - as in, if I lose my phone or my phone dies, I lose the money/coin?

Now that I think about it, I don't even know where people "store" bitcoins. I just assumed they had online portfolios/accounts, but I guess the nature of it is that it's locally stored?

Ah - finally realized there was a link to a User's Manual. THAT clears up a lot. D'oh.

@SirDaddyO dude if you want I'll spend an hour on a zoom call explaining it

@SirDaddyO try one of the easier to use mobile wallets like breez (supports podcasting 2.0), phoenix, bluewallet, zeus, zap etc. There are quite a few. Over time figure out how to run a node, maybe a packaged solution (search for 'node in a box' things, there are many, raspiblitz, nodl etc.), or run lnd or c-lightning.

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