Everyone's a bit feisty and on edge today. So am I. The question is: how do we "hoist the black flag" constructively?

@shill Great question. I think the real answers will mostly be 'playing the long game' type of answers.

Convert more people to the message of liberty and freedom, one at a time if necessary.

Focus on local government bodies and getting people in who at least lean in the direction of freedom and liberty.

Keep pursuing decentralized, 'hard to cancel' technologies for communication and sharing media.

Invest in bitcoin to separate from fiat currency and banks as much as possible.


@Bearclaw @shill
Part of the long game:

-Have a stable marriage (which means humbling one's self and putting up with the other's shit sometimes, because he/she is also putting up with yours)

-Have lots of kids


-Find your Faith. Likely not a popular suggestion, but the fact is one must have something to fight FOR and not just against. Not saying be stupid about it, but it's worth seriously considering and investigating.

-Give up watching / patronizing sports ball.

@SirDaddyO @Bearclaw @shill I don’t think giving up sports all is required, just be aware and use it for social settings. Gotta blend in sometimes to get what you want.

@dustinthewind eh, your choice. I walked away from all baseball after the roid scandal. Can't watch basketball because of the bipolar crooked zebras, and the NFL is a socialist woke plantation at this point. @SirDaddyO @Bearclaw

@shill @SirDaddyO @Bearclaw yeah of course! I gave up football all of last year, I didn’t miss it. But I made some friends who are big into football and it’s still a fun game to play. I just don’t find it a nearly as enjoyable as when I was enthralled with it.

@dustinthewind @shill @SirDaddyO I'm barely holding on to my NBA fandom. The politics are insufferable. The product is less interesting to watch. But I used to love my local team so much that I haven't yet let go. I definitely do not care as much as I used to though.

@dustinthewind @SirDaddyO @Bearclaw @shill

College Football.
Packed Stadiums.

If we change our way of life, the Terrorist Win...
The Virus & Irrational Fear Wins.

Fight Back against attempts to control our Lives!

@BlueDouche @dustinthewind @SirDaddyO @Bearclaw @shill what terrorists? The alphabet agencies that plan and facilitate these attacks in their fellow citizens? I mean if terrorism was that real a threat we would have seen so many more attacks the last few decades.

@BlueDouche @dustinthewind @Bearclaw @shill
I should clarify - I enjoy sports. It's just that:

1) - sports are best enjoyed when being played or when one is actually invested in the folks playing

2) - most sports, including at the college level, now have no ties at all with their hometown - they're a gaggle of mercenaries with no common bond

3) - it takes from you an enormous amount of time - time which could be invested better elsewhere

I just think it's become an unaffordable luxury.

@BlueDouche @dustinthewind @Bearclaw @shill
To be fair - I grew up playing video games, but I don't play them now because I just can't afford to give them that kind of time, nor do I want them living in my brain taking up space.

Trying to raise my kids well, including homeschooling them, and trying to make myself smarter so I can help make them smarter - that's a pretty big time sink.

Plus I'm teaching them how to fight - so that's PE class. But that means I also need to be in decent shape.

@SirDaddyO @BlueDouche @dustinthewind @Bearclaw @shill

I am not a big sport person. But I have played sport, but I don’t watch it on TV. I have been to a stadium to watch some matches, but only because i was going with friends or family. Yeah, I get your point, I am not invested in the team or players, so it’s not interesting to watch. Although the odd final at the olympics or some thing, is interesting to see, because of how amazing a human can be.

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