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I'm using this hashtag to highlight classic books that are critical to help one understand the modern world we live in. Most folks already know about "1984" and "A Brave New World" - so I'll endeavor to bring somewhat more obscure titles to everyone's attention.

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- I watch a lot of movies (especially with my 7 kids). I've come to realize that many folks are unaware of the vast treasure trove of great cinema that is available, and continue to feed at the trough of hog slop modern Hollywood vomits out on a regular basis. Free yourself and explore the great movies of years past! You'll learn to love not just black & white but even silent movies, because they knew how to tell stories without specials effects and stunt-editing!

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If you're homeschooling or interested in homeschooling, you should check out the HSLDA. They provide help & support for homeschoolers, but, most importantly, they help you navigate the legal requirements for your state as well as provide legal representation if you run afoul of any anti-homeschool idiots in your local school board. This is a VITAL resource - definitely worth a look!

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I'm using these hashtags to share organizations I shop with that appear to be "not woke" - while I hate the word "buycott" because it's an etymological nightmare, I do like supporting folks who appear to have not caved to leftist pressures. Other folks are welcome to add their recommendations to the list!

It's been a long time since I've seen it - and I was young and probably not paying much attention. Is "Brisco County, Jr." any good?

Good. A federal court has stopped Joe's vaccine mandate for federal employees. From Technofog.

Ignorance of Chemistry:

The same people who are freaking-out about fluoride in the drinking water are also stockpiling Iodine pills...

Seriously folks: learn some basic Chemistry.

Picture this guy riding his bike to Parkland high like Pee-Wee Herman

Getting ready for the STOP KAREN No Agenda Meetup on the DC Mall this Sunday.

The Karens might be out in force that day. Might wear running shoes. :)

Howdy truckers! Any of y'all know if there are slow-rolling protests planned on I-81 going through Tennessee and Virginia? Just trying to plan accordingly.

Okay guys. You get a haircut. Let's say it cost $15. How much do you tip?

I feel like I'm watching a slow-motion flip book with you avatar losing all patience. Does it pull out a gun in the next one? Wait, don't tell me, no spoilers!

I’ve been using this as a test of people’s rational thinking & more importantly, their listening ability

While I, a pure blood, free faced plague rat caught the Flurona Omicold, I was bed ridden with high temperatures for the best part of two days, spend another two days with flu like symptoms, fatigue, sensitive skin, muscle aches, and another three days resting and recovering

A total of 7 days


My double pfizered partner, also caught Omicold and she only took 1 week to get over it

If not for his talented side-kicks, Howard Stern would be hustling handies in NY State Thruway rest areas.

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