@TheCM I am happy to waiit as long as it takes so other people who need it more urgently than me can get it.

this place is slowly being normie-fied from roganism.

Facebook and Twitter gone. I feel lighter already.

Snowden being bluechecked and promoted on Twitter while Assange is in a shipping container somewhere being tortured. neva 4get Snowden is just a cia op against NSA

Is the military coup today or tomorrow? Just wondering when I need fresh underwear.

This may have been mentioned but since yesterday was MLK Jr. day, do yourself a favor and go listen to episode 22 of Moe Factz with @adam . It’s a great history lesson!

i was invited to be a guest on a skeptic/athiest podcast on sunday and I'm negotiating the terms

Covid insight. I work for a large lab. Last March or April the federal government loaned the lab a commercial analyser, to run PCR tests. It has been sitting on the receiving dock un opened all this time. It's in a 8 by 5 foot crate. Today it's gone. On anauguration week. Makes me go hmmm.

First toot from pixel 3a converted to grapheme os. Next I need to get apps on here.

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