I am unable to transfer title on a vehicle right now because every brick and mortar place to do so is closed and it’s apparently the only thing you can’t do online. They alleged you can use a virtual service and just pay with a credit card. When I informed them I don’t have a credit card (I don’t have one) they looked at me as if I was growing a fourth head. 🤷🏻‍♂️

LOL priceless. Though to be fair it took me about 30 minutes for me to buy my Ar-15 in philly... PA is an amazing state when it comes to gun rights.

I get the feeling that the rona is the distraction that the magician uses to pull our attention away from the 2 TRILLION DOLLAR PAYDAY.

@stephanieanne @watspn1013 @Dawnz I’ve found most women in power are bitches. They don’t know how to handle power. I’ve always said, ‘ I’d much rather work for a man, than a woman.’

Anyone else remember the short lived "space weather" trend?

@PhoneBoy @ProfWorr

also, I just bought a sleeping pad in case I have to start living in my car.

SHUTUP SLAVE!!!!!!!!! @adam

We just got this alert on our phones here in LA.

you know that moment when you make a comment to a young lady and realize the double entendre is really creepy... but maybe she'll be into it...

@thebitchisback @ThreeOneThreeChris @Secftblgirl I had it last month. I felt like I was gonna die for a few days, and was miserable for a week or two afterward.
Goes on to say he won’t mention the hospital for “reasons” this kind of shit is stupid ,unethical ,and dangerous. It’s the whole “unnamed sources” bullshit in a different form. I’ve seen zero confirmation just a sketchy letter floating around the internet:

At 7:45 am today at a grocery store that opened at 8 for seniors only, a young man came from the parking lot and tried to cut in at the front of the line. An old lady beat him back into the parking lot with her cane. He returned and tried to cut in again, but an old man punched him in the gut, then kicked him to the ground and rolled him away.
As he approached the line for the 3rd time he said, "If you don't let me unlock the door, you'll never get in there."

Neighbors are jealous of our new raised vegetable gardens. Not every day that you get complimented on your fine dirt.

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