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The 4 biggest lies:

- that's my truck
- I was just helping that sheep over the fence
- I won't cum in your mouth
- 2 weeks to flatten the curve

@MoeFactz with @adam ep 61

"You may have this gene and suffer from flatulence"

No bruh believe me - °I° don't suffer from the flatulence.

“I can’t fix my life. But I can fix the world,” said the socialist.

How does it feel to be soooo old @darrenoneill ?

When you sneeze does dust come out?

Love that feeling when you aren't too thrilled with your current job and you have a new job all set to go but you haven't told your current employer yet

did easter make it clear to anyone else that they have immediate family who would probably dime them out over gun confiscation or skirting of mandatory chyner flu shit?

its kinda depressing


Happy Birthday!
Joyous anniversaire!
Feliz cumpleaños!
.... .- .--. .--. -.-- ....... -... .. .-. - .... -.. .- -.-- !

GMC is advertising this gay as fuck multi function truck tail gate, with a push button instead of a handle. We wouldn't need all these shitty truck access tail gates of it weren't for A. Boomers being fat as fuck and unable to climb into their own fucking truck. B. Manufacturers making trucks higher and higher off the ground for no fucking reason.

Trucks used to be a vehicle for guys with shit to do, but now their Minivans with a short bed, and you pretend to be a cowboy.

Lada Gaga lyrics:

My my my my
Poker face

My my my
Fuck her face

Listen and prove me wrong

“Whenever I hear people that ecstatic about their vaccine, I try to remember them as they were at that moment: happy. Yes, I just want to make sure I have that memory of them before they either figure out they’ve been hosed, or duped, or worse!” — @adam 1335

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