The need world order is not new & is out of order, duscuss.

Ready to watch the death of James bond and masculinity.
This woke piece of crap movie is at least free.

So we are to assume that the people Gelistine Maxwell did 20 yrs for trafficing minors to are #1 above the law #2 People who wrote the laws
#3 none of our business.

History is slightly repeating itself.
Beware of strangers barring gifts.

After all the evolutionary advances we've made you'd think we'd be oblivious to monkey pox.

Ottawa Police just fined a protester $1,130 for writing “FREE TAMARA LICH” in chalk! - YouTube

NEVER in Canadian history have we had to endure such a petty, peevish leader.

Podesta Moloch oven Pizza open now 24 hours 7 day's per week.

All you need to do to kill a great deal of people who are fully vaccinated.
Use the placebo effect, tell them they have been injected with poison.

Relax the great reset is run by retards.
Chris Knowles | Post-Gnosis, The Rude Awokening, & The Siren's Shepard Sacrifices • The Higherside Chats

Why is a missle hitting the pentagon? is it making way for a jetliner?
Security video of plane hitting Pentagon released, adds, S'bite from Judicial Watch

My quiet mountain town Canada day parade is about to start & street full of cars with alarms going off, sigh.

CIA editorial in a Chilean news paper is being (you know the routine).

I knew we shouldn't have trusted that real-estate agent, only had 2 min to show the house.

After drinking too much I'd eat 6 of these & I'm still alive.
Detroit Lafayette Coney Dog heavy heavy.

Happy Canada day keep in line Slaves, no noise $1000.00 fine No flags $1000.00 fine.
Watch "Pink Floyd - The Marching Hammers" on YouTube

Not heard this show yet? ??
[Macroaggressions] FLASHBACK FRIDAY | #56: Mainstream Media Vs. Humanity via @PodcastAddict

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