"Trust me, you don't wanna get up. It looks like Monday out there..."

Sesame Street Playset Day 7: Hooper's Store

Fisher price was clever and snuck in some product placement in the graphic art. The cash register and coloured stacking rings are other toys I remember from that era. The rotary payphone with paper telephone book is my favourite.

@lpfaff It’s a new condition of the Information Age that “truth” is unobtainable. Instead of looking for a pundit or leader to direct you, look inward and find strength in the old human verities.

Sunday is for cooking. 😁. Savory bread pudding with mushrooms, gruyere and tarragon.

This is the full testimony of Jovan Pulitzer on all the paper ballot irregularities. He is a very interesting and articulate guy on scanning. He's not talking about how the software also possibly screwed things up or any servers abroad. This basically already questions everything election. A non political testimony unlike all others. (Link is set to where he starts and lasts about 45 minutes).


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Having fun but kinda depressed most of my social interactions are now in a game :(

I woke up this morning SMH that McConnell is allowed to be a Senator while having a conflict of interest being married into the CCP! These people are obnoxiously blatant.

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