Any podcasters dying for a Windows-native way to generate Podcasting-2.0 chapter files, look no further than this WinForms app with a UI straight out of 2003!

Features: You paste your episode's chapter timestamps, title, and image/link URLs into text boxes, and then click "Save". The program spits out a correctly-formatted json file. That's pretty much it. What more do you need?

@SirBemrose I still see an atari joystick like device (or a button in an app) that lets a small-time podcaster mark points in real time. They’d add the chapter titles in post. I do this stuff for a living. I’m about to hang up my compiler and retire. Maybe I can lend a hand.

@AwnryAble Sure! If you want to take the code and add/fix things, please do. (All my code is MIT. I realize I forgot to add a license file)

In my own podcast, I edit in post, so the final timestamps aren't known at record time. But that's a great idea for live-to-tape shows.

My long-term idea was to be able to load an mp3 in the app and provide a seek bar that would let you play the episode and click to mark timepoints.

@SirBemrose Sometimes you just need to roll your eyes when people (me in this case) throw out ideas when they have zero knowledge of the problem domain. I probably should attempt to create a podcast at least once in my life to get a glimpse into the production challenges. I've not done Windows dev since starting web dev several years ago. I can do backend .net stuff, but not the UI on this box (unless there has been some changes in tooling).
You get points for doing that first version in PS.

@AwnryAble Hey, I'm never gonna turn down free help if someone is serious about it. And if they flake out, I'm exactly where I'd have been if we never had the interaction.

@SirBemrose Absolute legend, I've been on the lookout for exactly this. Thanks mate!

@SirBemrose nice.
I use Hypercatcher Studio to generate chapters. It’s web based and you can download the json file and for posting.

@Drebscott Nice. I didn't realize they had a web-based option.

@SirBemrose the only catch is that right now Hypercatcher Studio only supports the creation of chapters after the episode has been published in the RSS feed.

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