Considering what comes out of universities these days, I no longer tell people I have a college degree. I'm too ashamed.


Smart. When I hear someone tell me about their degree, I assume they're probably a socialist, unless they tell me its in a Gender Studies field, and then I know they're a socialist.


I only have a 2 year Associates Degree, but I worked myself into a six figure salary before Emperor Brandon convinced my company to fire me.

So, until the government started persecuting its enemies, you could still claw your way out of the poverty you were born into in America. I feel bad for the youth of today.

@SirBemrose i wont hire anyone with a degree. Theyre liabilities more than assets. Ur more likely to sue me over pronouns than u are to show up on time every day

@Soy_Magnus @SirBemrose haha I don’t blame you for taking that stand. I will point out some of us with degrees are on your side!

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