A note to the "unvaxxed":

Do not judge your friends and family who accepted the jab under false pretenses. The decision cannot be reversed, and recriminations serve only to sow bad blood.

Instead, judge them on their willingness to get further jabbed. To continue this unconscionable charade of compliance. And on their willingness to force this poison on children who can't make an informed decision for themselves.


I don't judge them. They're afraid, and are normies, so they rely on television for their daily hope-cope. It's sad more than anything else.

@amerika @SirBemrose if they are willing to sacrifice themselves, when the time comes, they would also be willing to sacrifice you.

@PhillyV @SirBemrose

No doubt. That's the nature of normies: they destroy civilization.

It's my job to stay independent or at least hidden.

@SirBemrose They're getting further jabbed under further false pretenses. When do you draw the line?

@lesmiserob @SirBemrose I draw the line at my own body. I know they're being lied to, they may even know that they're being lied to. They may be true believers. I can say my piece, maybe they'll listen. Better than that I think is that I can continue to live my life and let them see that I am not getting sick, probably while they are. Maybe their eyes will open, maybe not.

@Aurelius_17_6_313 @lesmiserob @SirBemrose

I judge them based on how they judge me for not getting vaxxed.

Eye for an Eye bitches

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