Angry Tech News #11: Fungible Modders is now out!

Fingerprint hacks, DNA harvested from COVID tests, A massive NFT leak, cranky but ineffective Activision employees, and what happens when a company decides to take back a modding community (hint: lawyers get involved)

@SirBemrose -- Where in the hell are the cats!!!

Also, the sound was a little on the muffled side.


@TikToc There's a cat in there, although it might be hard to pick out because of John Cleese.

I'm not sure what you're hearing when you say "muffled", but I have a guess. Still messing with how I master the file in audacity.

@SirBemrose -- No offense intended here. It just sounds like your somewhat in a cave or something and your voice is being suppressed a little bit.

Sorry that I can't explain it better.


@TikToc No offense taken. Just trying to make sense of feedback.

One of my managers used to tell me of receiving feedback: "You can agree with it, or you can disagree with it, but always seek to understand it first."

@SirBemrose -- Okay, I think found the problem. It was on my end, the speaker/sound settings some how got changed, why I have no idea.

So, I humbly offer my deepest apologies.

Still haven't found cat cameo.


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