When I was forming a political outlook 25 years ago, I refused to align with any political party. I liked the social freedom of the left, and the economic freedom of the right. Of course, both offered plenty to dislike, so I stayed independent.

Today's Democrat party eschews all forms of freedom, social or otherwise, in favor of an authoritarian fascism trending toward despotism. The Republican Party still doesn't impress me, but I am closer to choosing a side than I have ever been in my life.

@SirBemrose It's becoming more apparent now then ever that it's a one party system.

@33RDking @SirBemrose this.
We only have two sides of the same shitcoin.
Americans fight over who gets to be the dancing monkey while we ignore the organ grinders calling the tunes

@33RDking Before 2016, I was all on board with the "There's no difference between Republicans and Democrats" argument. Both favored higher taxes, bigger government, and more war.

But when the populist arm took hold amongst the party around 2016, I think something fundamentally changed in Republican politics. Sure, there's still warhawks and RINOs, but they're being increasingly called out and marginalized.

@SirBemrose @33RDking
I am not saying that you HAVE TO choose from the 2 options offered, but every centrist forgets that not choosing is a choice. An active choice that does come with all of the natural consequences.

@Cosmic As a philosophy, yes, I find I have much in common with the Mises libertarians. As a political party, I find them lacking and ineffectual.

Of course that's probably to be expected of a political party whose core constituency is people who want nothing to do with politics and would rather be left alone.

And then there's the whole plurality voting issue, wherein as long as races are decided by first-past-the-post, the system will always stabilize at exactly two parties and no more.

@SirBemrose Still not joining a side. Staying independent. Stay strong.

@SirBemrose Without sounding like a complete nut, I am getting to the point of believing that all current "politicians” should be removed from office and banned from holding office again, as well as doing away with all non-essential federal departments and agencies.

@SirBemrose Yes, there is a grassroot movement in the Republican party and it's creating pressure, even action from the top. The top, occupied by politicians who's entire carrier revolved around distraction of obedient slaves while the elites pillaged. I believe that with today's public desperation the hopium sells better then before which shows in the increased donations to RNC. But public still believe in fairy tales of Republican Erectile Disfunction. Public is willing to accept minimal virtue signaling from Republican governors on Bidens jab mandates without any movement from the senate or congress. Where is the Durham report, where is AZ audit, where is the outrage from republican representatives about US mercenaries aka Taliban selling lithium to China (green new deal)? Trump supporting RINOs like Rubio does not help. The system has not changed because people still believe in the system. PS. I like what French are doing.

@SirBemrose join and help us take it over. Let’s toss out Lindsey fucking Graham and the like, and remake it as a pro-freedom party that fights against coercion by government and corporations, equally. Take a look at Thomas Massie from KY. That’s our model.

@SirBemrose Two wings, same bird. It would be better if it were deep-fried.

@Johncdvorak Fortunately Washington doesn't require voters to declare a party when registering, so there's no need for such distinctions here.

@SirBemrose choosing a side doesn’t matter much right now and by the time you are ready to choose it REALY won’t matter at all.

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