Public Service Announcement for the Fedi: Your anti-twitter rants lose some of their moral authority when you post them on twitter.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Close your account.

@SirBemrose but how can you properly virtue signal if you don’t have a Twitter account? 😂

@SirBemrose only because someone else does the work to record and publish it. LOL

@PhoneBoy And the day that @darrenoneill deplatforms me, I'll have to rethink my position.

@PhoneBoy @SirBemrose @darrenoneill what about out in the wild? How would say parler keep their domain name safe as m an alt-tech sense. Even if it requires some tech evil

@SirBemrose Yup, I razed my account to the ground. F-U Tvvatter Jack.

@SirSpencer @SirBemrose no, I did not give a fuck about my data...I fired it across NASOCial, GAB, and Parler.

I've still got the memes I've made. Likewise I can keep marking up screenshots and firing off trolling memes elsewhere.

@blitzed @SirBemrose No Agenda Social is absolutely beautiful. Gives me hope!

@SirBemrose seconding, and adding you don't need an account to read things there. Just bookmark what's worthy.

@Evenkeeld @SirBemrose I've blocked the most blatant culprit silicon valley domains & scripting on multiple levels. Fuck'em FOREVER.

@SirBemrose Your viewpoint on this is massively flawed for every reason we've already discussed.

When the majority of a population is using a service the answer to just leave it rings hollow.

Some people have products, like our show, to promote. I hate to tell you, without promoting outside of NASocial it will never grow.

People are on some shitty sites, that's true, but you have to reach them where they are.

My solution means I stay on Twitter.

Your solution turns you into the Unibomber.

@darrenoneill Rawr. Getting pretty personal for a general statement that wasn't even directed at you. Methinks you doth protest too much.

You wouldn't happen to be feeling guilty or self-conscious about something, would you?

@darrenoneill @SirBemrose Do we have yet another "Mom and Dad are arguing" scene evolving here 😁?

@darrenoneill @jurasick @SirBemrose

Massive Chicken-Little doom & misinformation flying around online today.

Panic doesn't improve anything...

Save it for when the microphones are on, it makes great podcast material 😂

@jurasick @darrenoneill @SirBemrose

Your co-host @SirBemrose has definitely said that. It is, however, a necessary one and there are definitely more ethical ways to do it than others. And you are very correct that you have to meet people where they are @darrenoneill. It’s part of why I still have profiles there, too. 😬

@PhoneBoy I know that @SirBemrose has said that.

He also jammed the "get off Twitter" comment into today's show again while I was speaking. We get it, we've heard it 100 times, we don't need to hear it again. It has made me avoid such subjects, but today's was too big not to discuss.

@BlueDouche @PhoneBoy @SirBemrose Do you think I should?

I mean, before it didn't make sense, but if YOU say it, BlueDouche, I have to consider it. 😎

@darrenoneill @SirBemrose

When I give Ryan shit, and my mailbox blows up, I'll start worrying.

@BlueDouche @SirBemrose He wouldn't get out of the Lazy-Z-Boy for anything as small as a mailbox.

Have someone else start your car, however...

@darrenoneill @SirBemrose

You know, we're too old for this world we're in now.

If we were to put a joke cigar-load into a dude's cigar, or wire-up one of those "Auto Fooler Prank" fireworks from the 1970s to someone's auto ignition system, we would STRAIGHT UP go to jail, and there would be no mercy.

Good hell, you can be a terrorist in this fucking world just by shaking someone's hand wearing a joy buzzer ring...


@darrenoneill @SirBemrose

Bunch of Uptight Tipper Gores running things, trying to be the thought police, combined with ZERO sense of humor about anything.

If Dr Strangelove was newly released in 2021, it would certainly be shut-down & cancelled... because "you can't make fun of the Holy Temples of the US Government... " (whatever the [email protected]%^ that is supposed to mean.)

1- Get a Religion or Spirituality
2- Don't confuse it with the Government
3- See #1

@BlueDouche @SirBemrose Sometimes it's ok to just sit back and watch Rome burn, my friend!

@SirBemrose I'm leaving my professional account @ChrisCharabaruk open but locked down as a suggestion to others to move away, but my personal accounts are being shuttered one by one as I get my data downloads.

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