What the leadership of San Francisco has been doing instead of addressing homelessness, poop and needles on the streets, gentrification, traffic, potholes, or any of the thousands of *actual* problems the city faces:

SF Board of Supervisors passes a resolution declaring the NRA a "terrorist organization"

@SirBemrose I had to check other sources before I could believe that. They'll get their faces slapped in court when they try arresting NRA members as terrorists, but that they'd even attempt it shows how totalitarian the left has become.

@SirBemrose How delusional can you get that you go from banning straws to banning nra members.

I hope they arrest me for it next time I'm there. I'm not rich, but I'm not broke enough for it to fuck me over. I'd happily btfo them in court and pose for Fox with my favourite AR once the payout hits my account.
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