Did Pedo Joe get 81 million votes in 2020? Maybe. Did 81 million American citizens cast their votes for Pedo Joe? Not a chance in hell.

I'm certain the real number is closer to 51 million than 81.

After 26 months, all of the buses around here have finally changed their marquee messages from "MASKS REQUIRED" to "MASKS RECOMMENDED".

If they address the knife-fights and heroin junkies shooting up in the back of the bus, I may yet use public transit again before I die.

I'm not saying the Pfizer and Moderna jabs are bad vaccines. They're not a vaccines. I'm saying they're poison.

Mailchimp collects a _lot_ of information on you when you open its mail as HTML. Don't believe me? Let them tell you. mailchimp.com/help/reports/

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Yep, it's a RSS feed generator builds a RSS feed that you can host on your own server so you don't have to have rely on hosting.

Just listened to the latest Podcast 2.0, and a new term was introduced I'd never heard of: Soverign feed.

I guess I missed a memo. What is a "soverign feed"? What makes a feed soverign? Does it renounce its citizenship and stop paying taxes? Does a watery tart lob a scimitar at it?

When I first taught my daughter about taxation, she cried. She felt robbed by the effects of taxation.

I do believe, I did right by her.

In this house, we believe:
- Sometimes the old ways are best
- Remakes are never as good as the original
- Never tell me the odds
- There are four lights
- There are three Indiana Jones
- There is only one Return
- and it is of the Jedi

Angry Tech News #33: Ponzi Cinema has reached the magic number!


Russian theaters do what they must to survive, Google has a bug, Apple hates developers, Browser numbers, New Google AMP features from Brave, and the most disgusting NFT story I’ve ever told

@SirBemrose I agree, it is a common "tell" for bullshit to come. They might as well say "It's time for "WHAT I WANT" gun legislation." (Or whatever the thing is that cycle.) It may be "common sense" to them, but not to the rest of the world. The phrase is as bad as "sources familiar with the matter", or these days: "the science says". Ding Ding Ding

"Common sense" is a useful rhetorical phrase for pushing any agenda, because it is completely subjective, and therefore unfalsifiable.

When somebody claims that something is "common sense", how do you refute it? "Oh, it's not that common"? It is a useful way to disarm logical argument, and to allow bias, prejudice, and emotion to enter the argument in their place.

Hey, podcasters! We had a cancellation for this Sunday May 8 on the No Agenda Stream following NA.

Anybody interested in helping a stream out and do a live show? With the new NA time, expect to start around 5:30pm EDT, or 2:30 JCD


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@SirBemrose I feel like I need a cigarette after that high energy triple rant. And I've never smoked.

@SirBemrose -- Also, your analysis in the Netflix segment was awesome! πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘

Angry Tech News #32: Absolutist Spark has just run through the room!


The end of the Chevy Spark EV, the end of an era for Netflix, and the end of the world for Twitter!

It's time to fill out the Up Next LIVE schedule for June and July.

Podcasters on the NA stream interested in doing a LIVE show on Sunday following No Agenda, pick your day and DM me.


Why I reject Battery-Powerrd Heavy Vehicles:
Simple Chemistry. Diesel Fuel, Jet Fuel, etc have molecules with very densely-packed potential energy to use. Batteries of ant type or design simply do not.

Take 1 ton of ANY Battery, and convert the max capacity to watts, horsepower, etc. & Compare that to the same units got a Ton of Diesel.

It is not even close.

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