Imagine if thousands of corporations, retail stores, and entertainment venues got together and decided to bar entry to anyone who has had an abortion.

Fuck off every propagandist trying to equate medical tyranny with "freedom". You have no fucking clue what freedom is. Freedom is that you DON'T INFRINGE RIGHTS. Real freedom does not come with conditions like masks or experimental drugs. Adding conditions means it's not freedom. It's coercion.


@darrenoneill: This show is for entertainment purposes only.
@SirBemrose: This show is not suitable for any purpose whatsoever, and yet you’re still listening. How pathetic are you!

"If I'm going to die in a fiery wreck on the roadway, I at least want the satisfaction of knowing that I caused that wreck, and not some Silicon Valley coder who didn't have enough Red Bull in his system writing a glitch into the code."
- @SirBemrose on self-driving cars, #147

@SirBemrose Got your retaliation today! I will put it up with all of my other challenge coins and cherish it forever!

@SirBemrose WTH happened to the stream? Like 10 minuted into streaming SGS discussion of podcast apps after NA it cut out and went to playing music!
If you were listening to the stream and want to hear the rest of the discussion on podcast apps goto ep 25.

On building your immune system, @SirBemrose, I remember being sent to a chicken pox party. I was maybe seven.

Ran across a config file containing all of the podcasts I was subscribed to in March 2010. Blast from the past.

This Week in Tech
This Week in Law
Windows Weekly
FLOSS Weekly
Major Nelson Radio
No Agenda
The Penny Arcade Podcast
Cranky Geeks
Stack Overflow Dev Blog

Don't know which venues use it, but this just struck me as Orwellian. "We're going to track you everywhere by your phone. To 'opt out', enter your phone's unique ID into our marketing database"

Going live tonight after Rare Encounter at 8:30 eastern with the one and only @SirBemrose !

Update: Of the five shops I visited, only one allowed me to transact my business without harassment.

However, through charisma, obstinance, and a little bit of pleading, I was able to walk out with the goods I needed at four of them.

I never put on a mask.

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I'm venturing outside on an excursion today to sort several local retailers into one of two categories: 1) Those which want my future business after this mass-hysteria finally subsides, and 2) Those which employ self-appointed facediaper Stasi

It's the left coast, so I'm not optimistic. Wish me luck.

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