This shit show has been allowed to go on for far too long. I hope we spend the next 10 years going after everyone that propigated this phoney pandemic to the full extent of the law (yeah right). We also need to put better checks in place to ensure that no artificial emergency could be used like this again. Even if that means compromising ourselves in a possible future emergency.

I always knew Tony Fauci was a bad actor, but this clip brings a whole new meaning...

So if I'm reading the 14th Amendment right, all these elected a-holes who are supporting BLM can and should be thrown out of office. At all levels. @adam am I reading this right?

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You want institutional racism? Because this is how you get institutional racism.

SJWs in WA legislature tried this exact thing a couple years ago, and it failed at the polls by less than one percent. I don't hold out hope for the same outcome in California.

@SirBemrose I didn't/couldn't believe you, so I did some bing searches to confirm... g'damn the level of racism towards white people is reaching new hights every day.

Reddit's new content policy all but explicitly states that they're okay with hate, but only against whites.

> "While the rule on hate protects such groups, it does not protect all groups or all forms of identity. For example, the rule does not protect groups of people who are in the majority"


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Cancel Culture is the ultimate tool of the participation-trophy kids, of those jobless, feckless thirty-somethings still living in their parents' basement, spouting activism into their social media bubble from behind a computer screen.

In a world where everything you have ever done can be used against you, who else to come out on top, but the person who has never done anything?

GOB #71 - Liquid Manure

We spin Liquid manure into podcasting gold as we talk about racism, slavery, encryption, and more.

I hope you can give it a listen.

It's interesting that for all the people who reply to Jay Fucking Inslee's tweets, not one of them points out the obvious hypocrisy of him demanding that we wear a mask but we never see him in one.

Grumpy Old Bens #70 - Podcaster Down

Another bonus Monday episode where we talk about bias of the media, whether a lot of law-enforcement officers really frequent racist hate forums on Facebook, Google AMP, Spotify’s app changes to push advertising, and much more!

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