PSA: Casual racism is ugly, no matter if you're a Democrat hating all blacks because of the actions of a few, or if you're a CRT-disciple hating all whites because you hate yourself...

OR if you're a right-wing conspiritard hating all jews because of a handful of wealthy elite scumbags.

Projecting the actions of a few individuals onto an entire group is a logical fallacy. It is a sign of a weak intellect and weaker morals. I don't want to see that shit here.

You're apparently not allowed to leave this train car sober.

My new Kane Phone from work is a Samsung S22, and I am already annoyed. No 3.5schmillimeter headphone jack, so getting a $6 adapter at Walmart tomorrow. No provision for extra memory card. Belt clip holster from S10 doesn't fit this thing, asked office manager to order one. On windshield mount thing, the camera lenses for photos are too close to the bracket (turned 90 degrees from S10 orientation) but video camera might be okay. I'm going about half @SirBemrose

The FDA is warning that people should not boil NyQuil. This warning is stupid because:

You want me to quit swearing in podcasts. You want me to self-censor. To change how I communicate, because your tender ears don't like certain words.

I want you to experience how real people communicate in the real world. I want you better prepared to experience humanity outside your bubble. To acknowledge that few people will accede to your emotional fragility, and that adapting to the world is better than forcing it to change.

It would seem we are at an impasse.

It's Tuesday. That Means Back to Back to Back Shows tonight!

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5:30PM c - Millennial Media Offensive w/ @NameRedacted (me) & @Dhowjen

8:00PM c - DH Unplugged w/ @Johncdvorak & Andrew Horowitz

9:00PM c - Bowl after Bowl w/ @SirSpencer & @Laurien

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Grumpy Old Bens #195 is going LIVE right now on the No Agenda Stream!

One day early this week, because @darrenoneill continues to have dental problems without regard to what it does to our show schedule

The problem with this characterization, serial killer, is that it is fundamentally incorrect.

Series implies one after the other.

More accurately is that Fauci is a parallel killer. Killing many many many at the same time

Everything you need to know about me, you can learn from my instagram account.

And of course the Podfather himself at the Georgia Food Intelligence Summit


Me: I've got 30mins to kill, let's play a quick video game.

Xbox: No way, you have to take my forced autoupdate to go online.

Me: No problem, it's a single player game.

Game: Ahh, but we require a cloud connection to play single player.

Me: Fine, take the stupid update. Then at least I'll have it the next time I find time to play.


American West pronunciation guide for uneducated easterners:


Use these in the western US to instantly identify yourself as a dumb tourist!

THIS horrific video was featured on Tucker's open last night. He had to blur the faces. I sure AF don't

The punishment for this kid should be straight fucking back to Africa.

If that was MY kid getting cranked on, boy...

Happy Hump Day!

Today, Live on the No Agenda Stream:

1:00PM c - Grumpy Old Bens w/ @SirBemrose & @darrenoneill

6:00PM c - Rare Encounter w/ @AbleKirby & @coldacid

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