You, Sir, are correct!

This will NEVER end, as the "vaccine" is not a "once and done" as with other true vaccines. It will be masks/fear/compliance/
booster shots forever. Big gubmnt. LOVES the china virus.

Joe Biden is already far more successful at uniting America. Trump was polarizing. Half the country loved him, and half hated him. There was no common ground. Biden provides that common ground. While he is unsurprisingly hated by the other side, unlike Trump, he's also pissing off his own base.

Listening to @Johncdvorak going on about "new brons-feld" even after being corrected by Adam, shortly after making a big deal about pronunciation on

The autocrats in charge will never let you go "back to normal" as long as they're in power. Promises of "15 days", "three weeks", "100 days", etc, are bullshit to keep you focused on a future date, and prevent any resistance.

The ruling class intend keep up the temporary restrictions on your freedom until they can convince you to accept that they're permanent.

In less than 72 hours, Joe Biden:

—Killed 70,000+ jobs
—Eliminated women's sports
—Invaded Syria
—Left the National Guard to freeze in a garage
—Admitted he doesn't have a plan to fight COVID
—Broke his own mask mandate EO
—Ended US energy independence

Do you miss Trump yet? twitter.com/charliekirk11/stat #Turning_Point_USA #Biden #Independence #Killed #Syria #Trump

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1) To say your first point another way, it is folly to think that you can measure and tax something as subjective as value, wealth being the accumulation of it. All sorts of insane and convoluted rules exist to try and measure it in GAAP.

Your home is a perfect example of the bad of wealth taxes. The value tanked in the subprime mess and the taxes didn't. Banks didn't have to pay either on foreclosed homes. A wealth tax would be a death blow to the almighty $.

Wealth tax sounds great on paper, but it's unworkable when you get to the details, and I have no confidence that bureaucrats would get the rules right

First, there's too many ways to count wealth... and to hide it. "No, that $billion isn't mine. It belongs to this shell company"

Second, most "wealth" isn't liquid. Do you force someone to sell off 2% of their stock options each year? Two percent of their house?

Dusted off my old copy of Fallout 3 today. Don't know why, but I just had the urge to shoot the hell out of alien mutants in the wasted ruins of the seat of what used to be a great country.

Playing with a brand new pleroma instance. The UI is just different enough from Mastodon to throw me off.

Current question: How do I follow someone? I see mute, block, and report, but where is follow?

Dude Named Ben's standard troubleshooting steps:
1) Turn it off and back on again
2) Reboot it again. Maybe it'll work this time.
3) Allocate more resources
4) File a bug to dev. Wait and pray. Hope they're in a good mood. Sacrifices help. (I hear he likes Red Bull)

The most widespread disinformation of 2020 was that Black Lives Matter care about black lives.

@Johncdvorak -- after several guest shots on Grumpy Old Bens, I can attest that hanging with @darrenoneill and @SirBemrose is a righteous gas, a guaranteed pisser, and a soul-soothing tonic that will keep you smiling for days.

@SirBemrose thus the reason the founding fathers (Madison) wanted to avoid a pure democracy. See Federalist No. 10.

We are seeing a live exploit of the vulnerability in Democracy that even the ancient Greeks warned us about: If you can get 51% of the population on board through propaganda, brute force, or old-fashioned indoctrination, you can push any agenda you want, no matter how unfair, destructive, or horrific.

At some point tomorrow, NAS will be shut down for a physical server move. It may be down only a few hours, maybe all weekend. I don't know, but it WILL be back up. Please have patience, as I'm certain there will be unforeseen delays.

For those asking how to donate, I appreciate it. The NAS load has increased much over the last two weeks, and I expect it to continue in the future. I'll have more to say about this once the migration is complete and the seas are once again calm.

Love & Light

I'd like to add: you can do what you want. Post any way you'd like. You want to do naked Youtube links? Go for it.

The only thing is, hardly anyone will click them. I advise following @SirBemrose's guidelines if you want people to read or watch the stuff you post.

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