Is the quality and security of America's elections worse than you thought? Is it the best we could hope for?

Find out on last week's Grumpy Old Bens with @dcgirl , @Sir_William , @darrenoneill , and @SirBemrose .

Great discussion and I'm sure as usual every listener will learn something.

(It's a couple of hours long and I took a few days to get through it; that's why I'm posting now.)

I am so sick of the blanket worship of "medical professionals" or those "in the medical community." I am sick of blanket worship or condemnation of any group identity.

Some doctors and surgeons do save lives, and should be praised when they do. They also kill an estimated 250,000-400,000 of our people every year due to medical error...that's 25+ coronavirus crises every year just by simple dumb fuck ups.

So enough with the applause every time you see a fucking lab coat.

Hollywood just can't help themselves. A little bit of propaganda clipped from the 2019 movie "Angel Has Fallen".

A little bit of fiction inserted into their fiction, if you will.

I went to Trader Joe’s this evening and there was a woman walking around covering her face with her vest. Ok, I studied immunology in college. That face covering is useless. There are probably more germs on your vest than in the air. In fact, if we didn’t have an immune system, we’d die 12 times every hour. It’s an amazing system. Trust it.

According to the CDC theorem, a straight lie is the shortest social distance between two slaves.

@Sir_William @dcgirl Thanks to both of you for joining us. The less I have to listen to @SirBemrose the better! :-D

"[Government] shall make no law ... abridging ... the right of the people peacably to assemble"

-- First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America

Lots of producers are sharing their stories with me. Many are out of a job or about to be. I’m going to start promoting NAS as a place to make connections. Let’s all be welcoming and helpful. Use hashtags to form ad-hoc groups. TYFYC

I'm annoyed at Trump for waiting until *after* to condemn me to a FEMA camp. It would've been great show material.

Today's is great. @SirBemrose is taking apart the bullshit of "ethical source" and why this is NOT at all.

Let's play the Software Update Game! You try to continue getting your work done, and we'll randomly break features, unexpectedly take services offline, and force you to re-authenticate for no reason whatsoever.

Grumpy Old Bens #53 - Sir Bemrose Daycare

If the title alone doesn't cause a shiver to go down your spine, we're just not as good as fear-mongering as the M5M.

This episode talks about coronavirus, schools spying on kids, @SirBemrose going of the grid and more.

We would be honored if you would give the episode a listen.

It's Friday! That's means the Grumpy Old Bens LIVE! Experience is just minutes away.

Join us now!

The Fuck Your Code of Conduct (FUCOC):

1. Be useful.
2. Be helpful.
3. Call out any bullshit that does not move the _project_ (not the community, the project) forward.

Copywrong @ 2020 coldacid. All rights unrestrained.

The most beneficial effect of virus COVFEFE-19 hitting Washington state is that the state government is so busy falling over themselves to appear to be doing something about the virus, that they've momentarily forgotten their illegal crusade against the second amendment.

They say the Wuhan Flu is

A) genetically engineered
B) highly contagious
C) only kills older people

Could this be the Millennials' final solution to the Boomer Problem?

Seen on reddit:
"Im listening to no agenda and its super boomer. Its these old radio guys talking about hotel coffee"

I dunno, I think they nailed it.

Grumpy Old Bens - EP #51 - Pharma VPN

✔️Firefox has a brand new VPN
✔️Amazon is getting into the pharmacy biz
✔️Ring doorbell now requires 2FA
✔️There is a Roomba-esque pooper-scooper
✔️Our producers are awesome

We talk about these things & more on this EP of .

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