The 5G lobby is dragging us into the future, kicking and screaming if necessary.

Aside: Am I the only one who thinks their pink coverage map looks like a CDC infection map?

Seven of the ten richest people in the world are American, and all of them donated to Democrats. Still think R is the party of the wealthy?

"How about we ADD to the public domain instead of fucking its corpse over and over again?!"
- SirBemrose

@darrenoneill and @SirBemrose push each others' buttons for 2 hours on Grump Old Bens: "Piracy"

The first Tesla owner whose cybertruck auto-drives them down a boat ramp is gonna be pretty damn happy that those windows are breakable.

@SirBemrose is hard to avoid systemd. I prefer human readable scripts that allow me to see how something works, how it is invoked, how it is started and stored. Ie. Shell script. Systemd had taken all this knowledge and ordering and locked it behind a door that says 'trust me'.

I like simple things. I like to be able to understand his something works. Systemd is not simple... Linux is no longer simple... But I can't return to windows and systemd will be around for a while so I gave in.

A lot of people whom I trust tell me that systemd is bad, but I'm still unclear as to why.

Every explanation I've found is either A) an aspirational statement about program architecture which doesn't affect anyone who doesn't work on the code, or B) an ad hominem commentary about the people who wrote it.

I'm looking for the third category: A practical technical explanation why an end user or a dude named Ben would want to favor or eschew distros with systemd. Any suggestions?

From now on, whenever @Johncdvorak squeaks his chair, you may assume he's actually farting on microphone.

It shouldn't be news when an official pledges to uphold the highest law of the land, but here we are, with a government and society that rushes to infringe inalienable rights at the first whiff of a scandal or false flag.

Florence County, Wisconsin adopts ordinance to nullify state "red flag" law.

Grumpy Old Bens - Episode #36 - Piracy

We take on piracy in all its forms in this latest episode of Grumpy Old Bens. Does it hurt consumers? Does it hurt content creators? How long should copyrights really last?

The more @SirBemrose and I try to shorten the episodes the longer they become. We'll just call it Bonus Bens!

@adam always said the holy grail for Silicon Valley is to become your bank. Looks like at least one of them is going to start living the dream.

Join us tonight at 8pm/7pm central
Come early for some tunes on the preshow

Randumb Thoughts #59 - Religion

This episode is about religion, partially inspired by yesterday's Mark and George Show featuring @voidzero. I will never understand those that are angry or distressed because other people believe something that they don't.

If you have a moment to give it a listen, I'd appreciate it.

U. of Florida Students Want Student Body President Impeached over Donald Trump Jr. Visit

Instead all students who can not respect free speech should be removed from that university. We have seen this "inclusive and loving everyone" behavior elsewhere on universities also. It's totally unlike what universities in general used to be like. Kick them out, including teachers who brainwash them being the real idiots.

While the left loudly bemoans the evils of colonialism, it's hard to argue with results. The locust-like waves of Californian colonists are slowly but surely overrunning and exterminating the indigeneous cultures of other states.

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