These "Christians" pushing bullshit mask theory brings to mind Matthew 7:15

"Beware of false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves."

This a great rundown of Judge Stickman’s important judgement against Pennsylvania’s arbitrary and seemingly indefinite COVID orders. ⚖️

(18:50 video)

yeah linux is cool but does it have ransomware built in

@darrenoneill @SirBemrose new listener to GOB. Good stuff!

I had to go back and read the quote.

Facebag is removing posts because the *rumors* are diverting resources.

That makes no statement - in fact it avoids any such statement in a very NA-triggering way - about the validity of the claims.

@SirBemrose this is why we must . The bigger the cronies, the easier to dodge accountability

It is no more a valid criticism of capitalism to say that it inevitably breeds cronyism, than it is valid to criticize socialism for breeding nepotism and oligarchy, or monarchy for spawning mad kings.

Corruption is a property of humanity. The form it takes may depend on the systems in place in society, but humans' predeliction to be assholes to each other does not.

@SirBemrose as @adam has stated, if you don't have an rss feed you don't have a podcast

Please don't ask to put any "podcast" on the NA stream that is only published to Spotify or Soundcloud or some other walled-garden. If I have to create an account - if anyone on the internet can't just anonymously fetch an RSS feed and download episodes as an mp3, then it's not going to be considered for the stream. This is for legal, technical, and personal reasons.

This is for you guys in Washington State. My wife is from WA.
Her Faceberg gets funny.!

I heard that NPR is rebranding to better align their name with the network's content and vocal style. They're now going to be called ASMR: American Socialist Marxist Radio

Fuck you I won't do what you tell me Tom Morello

The next time you see a school levy on your local ballot, think about that "A is for Activist" book (among dozens of others) that teachers are reading to school children, and vote accordingly.

When someone asks "Do you honestly believe <some conspiracy theory>?"

"No, I have reasoned that to be a likely outcome based on research and analysis of all available information. Only zealots *believe*."

"If Republicans recklessly & reprehensibly force a SCOTUS vote before the election—nothing is off the table” ~ Sen Richard Blumenthal

You’re gonna burn the cities down? Call POTUS a treasonous spy for Russia? Hold up coronavirus relief? Keep major cities shut down economically? Keep schools closed? Defund the police? Impeach Trump? Call Trump supporters Nazis? Smear the SCOTUS nominee as a gang rapist drug dealer?

OR WHAT?!” ~ Tammy Bruce



Next time do not wait so long to abolish positions of power. Then you won't have masters that favor of a violent agenda.

Quick note to everyone reacting to Twitter on the fedi:

Please copy the text of the tweet to your post, so that there is still a record of the conversation after birdsite inevitably censors it for misinformation or terms of service or some other dumb excuse.

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