Grumpy Old Bens - Episode #47 - Health Scare

What is the state of health care in America and beyond? How are worldwide illnesses a threat? How can you get money knocked off your hospital bill? Does dental insurance make sense? Should you vaccinate your kids? The answers to these questions and more on this Grumpy Old Bens episode.

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"One of the men has been arrested at least 44 times and has at least 20 criminal convictions. The other man has at least 15 convictions and 21 arrests."

Left coast justice inaction.

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Grumpy Old Bens #46 - Ryan Returns

We talk about Ryan's vacation, the 2 episodes he missed, his retort to his brother, my new audio gear, the Firefox zero-day exploit, the current state of browsers in general, and more!

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When the question is about why a certain aspect of society is broken, the root cause almost always points back to the #government

So how do you keep the government from screwing up life? Keep it as small and powerless as possible.


West Virginia Legislature extends invitation for Shenandoah and SW VA counties to secede from Virginia and join WV, citing Richmond's failure to uphold the Constitution.

The feds won't ever let something like this happen, but as a pipe dream, I find it inspirational.

Randumb Thoughts - Episode #66 - Comedy

Did Ricky Gervais strike a blow in the war for freedom of speech & comedy last night at the Golden Globes? This episode talks about comedy, including the late, great Sam Kinison, Steve Martin, and more.

@rw you can run your own IRC server that a major corporation can't spy on, if you like. You can federate it with other IRC servers your friends run and create your own network that a major corporation can't spy on, if you like.

Discord, otoh, is a convenient, braindead way of sharing everything with a major corporation. So, you can see why it's the popular choice.

Visited Costco for the first time in years. Every complaint I have about their gridlocked parking lots - made inaccessible by vultures in minivans stopped in the aisles (with turn signal blinking) - is still valid.

But at least they've streamlined their system of treating paying customers like shoplifters as they leave the building, so there's that.

this whole "the internet is intangible therefore safe" idiocy is annoying the shit out of me.

>"lol who cares what porn I watch?"
well that'd be Google, FB, NSA, CIA, MI5, et. al. pretty much anyone with a vested interest in data

>"why are they following you? what makes you so special?"
No one is special under the watchful eyes of the panopticon, so it's not just "me", everyone is equally regarded as potential threat/dissident/anomaly that must be quelled.

>"only bad people care about anonymity"
a lot of famous people boost their own posts and reply to their own posts with fake profiles. Governments do it too, so this is a very telling argument tbf... And while anonymity is not the same as pseudonymous, to pretend to be someone else is very much disingenuous, to "have no name" is *not* disingenuous whatsoever. It puts a focus on words and merit, not just "identity" (w/e that means)... Furthermore, to say that "bad people do X, therefore people that do X are bad" is just embarrassingly bad logic...

>"it's not like they can even do anything even if they are following us lmao"
These are real people who have put together a massive data collection apparatus for the world's spy agencies, and real people who act on the data. What makes FB, Google so profitable? Not advertising, that's for sure! It's their ability to *target* (which just means de-anonymize)

>"why are you so scared? what are you afraid of?"
Why are you so blind? Data collection, data leaks, data sale, data trade, search engine manipulation, content manipulation, context manipulation, government spying, corporate spying, spousal and familial spyware, IOT Panopticon, stuxnet 2.0, WWIII, "Terminator IRL"

@dcgirl you called it. Our resort director greeted us at the plane with a lei in hand.

The Bible speaks of constant rain for 40 days and 40 nights. In Seattle, we have a word for that. We call it "December"

I am so sick of Amy Goodman's voice. @Johncdvorak is the *only* person who watches her shitty blog show, and twice a week he goes to the well and subjects the No Agenda producers to a half dozen clips of her idiocy. She is not m5m. She's a retarded addled leftist that you're giving a bigger platform to.

Fifth circuit court of appeals finds the Obamacare individual mandate to be unconstitutional.

"The code of conduct that people should be following is: don't be an asshole. Or if you do, make sure it's funny." — @SirBemrose 40

Grumpy Old Bens - Episode #40 - Operating Systems

The under-the-weather @SirBemrose and I delved into the difference between the major operating systems and why people may choose them

There is also plenty of ranting.

Also, the best cold open ISO ever?

You can decide!

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