First time I've recorded my Tuesday show on video. Special guest: @SirBemrose! The Void Zero episode 32 is now downloadable:

PSA: If you have a Microsoft account you haven't logged into for two years or more, it will be deleted at the end of August, according to the new ToS

Has anyone yet come up with the idea of Republicans in blue states or Democrats in red states intentionally dodging the census takers, in order to reduce the Congressional influence of their local majority party?

AfroFuture music festival in Detroit sells tickets with different price based on skin color.

You have become the thing you swore to destroy. This is what real racism looks like.

How Government control of healthcare actually works:

Kentucky state bureaucrats shut down charity to give free used eyeglasses to homeless, because it is not a *licensed* opthamologist.

If you support gun control, please stay inside this 4th of July, as a courtesy to those of us who still value freedom.

"No middle ground is possible on this subject. Either "taxation without consent is robbery," or it is not.

"If it is not, then any number of men, who choose, may at any time associate; call themselves a government; assume absolute authority over all weaker than themselves; plunder them at will; and kill them if they resist."

-- Lysander Spooner

Do me a favor and check out the latest episode of Grumpy Old Bens - Episode #13 - Crypto. @SirBemrose and I are joined by @progo for a conversation surrounding all things cryptography. There is no doubt, @progo knows his stuff!

Silicon Valley hypocrisy? Why aren't they banning people talking about undocumented immigration or marijuana use for promoting "unlawful activity"?

@SirBemrose I was once told that when Betsy DeVos advocated critical thinking, that was a "dog whistle" conveying support of creationism. The term can be and is used to assert hidden subtexts without any evidence.

Using the term "dog whistle" is hypocritical. Calling something out as a dog whistle is not only an accusation, but also a signal to people on your side that you are "woke" to the use of such speech.

The phrase "dog whistle" is, in fact, a dog whistle.

Reddit finally abandons all pretense of political neutrality with today's banning of /r/The_Donald. So continues the decline of yet another Web 2.0 property founded on open communication.

/u/aaronsw must be rolling over in his grave to see what has become of the free speech platform he founded.

@SirBemrose Sounds like the DARE program needs to make a comeback.

Narcan being deployed to high schools in Washington state.

I don't know what deal the creator of this drug made with the devil, but there's gonna be hell to pay when she comes to collect.

@SirBemrose They said to check "every few weeks," which is barely better than not checking at all. I guess their TVs are insecure but you're not supposed to really care.

Why do Samsung TVs even have exploitable software in them? Is it just to steal your data, create vulnerabilities, and make every button press take 2.5 seconds, or is there some user benefit I'm missing?

Samsung advises owners of smart TVs periodically scan them for viruses.

Furthermore, by allowing me to connect to your site, you acknowledge that "I do what I want" will be the only binding agreement applicable to the exchange of data between your webserver and my browser, and that it will supersede any other agreements or contracts of adhesion your site may attempt to push. You accept that your "Terms of service" is unreadable legalese gobbledegook which should not apply to normal humans, and will be disregarded appropriately.

By allowing me access to your website, you hereby grant me a non-exclusive unlimited license to do with that web data anything I damn-well please, up to and including the ability to display, archive, comment on, or ignore any part of said data. While you may attempt to send or display advertisements with your web data, I will display, ignore, or block them at my sole discretion. If you do not agree to these terms, feel free to send an error message to my browser in lieu of page data.

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