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Rest in Peace Growley

15 April 2005 to 29 July 2021

May your fluffy presence continue to fill laps and beds, wherever you go next.


Rest in Peace Growley

15 April 2005 to 29 July 2021

May your fluffy presence continue to fill laps and beds, wherever you go next.


I was accused of giving in to my **FEAR** over COVID. So let me be perfectly clear:

Not once, since this "pandemic" started - not since I first heard of the Wuhan Flu back in 2019 - there has not been one single moment that I have been "afraid" of this virus.

My *anger* at people's irrational reactions to it has grown without bound.


so done with sports in general. even NCAA sucks, where is still thought there was a sliver of integrity. nope

The NFL's program to disincentivize people watching the NFL is going well.

@SirBemrose the ultimate placebo. Like the bananas that keep alligators away...

I just heard Fauci say that the vaxx is "effective against asymptomatic infection". So you get protected against an invisible virus with no symptoms that you don't even know you have unless you get tested for it.

Do people not realize what a mind fuck this is?

To win this fight, we have to change the vocabulary.
Shoehorn these terms into every post and conversation:



"Long-haul" COVID is utter bullshit.

Chronic fatigue and respiratory issues are exactly the symptoms of a year or more of being locked indoors, blocking your airways with a bacteria rag, and permanent fear-induced adrenaline shock.

Prove me wrong.

Don't post tweets as links, use screenshots.

This has been your weekly reminder.

Imagine the egg on their face if a widely distributed vaccine with EUA wasn't approved. My basic bitch SOC101 analysis says:

1) No rule will change. The FDA will approve most (probably all) vaccines with EUA anyway.
2) They will improvise to explain how approval (a latent goal) is consistent with their manifest goal (safety).
3) Media will say concerns about FDA approval are satisfied. Notice they didn't acknowledge the concerns were valid until the goal posts were cleared (moved).

There is a reason that it's called the "**Criminal** Justice System"

Business owners should be free to make their own mask rules without government interference, based only on their own beliefs, community standards, and whether or not they want to stay in business.

"Hesitant" != "Non-compliance"

I am basing my refusal on moral, philosophical grounds. If I consent to this then I am admitting that I have no freedom of movement, right to work, live, associate or even free speech, if those rights and freedoms are under any condition that violates my body or sovereignty.

We have already given away enough freedoms.

With the currently published rate of adverse effects, the COVID drugs from Pfizer and Moderna will never reach the 2019 criteria for FDA approval as a vaccine. Under those rules, they should be rejected for safety reasons and sent back to be reformulated.

The only thing that can result in the current batch of candidates receiving full FDA approval would a change of rules due to political pressure. And to be perfectly honest, I'm surprised that hasn't happened yet.

Please stop using the gaslighted term "hesitancy". "Hesitant" means you're not sure or skeptical. It means you're waiting for more information. Saying "hesitant" suggests that they will be all-in once they're presented with the right type of propaganda.

Most of the people being labeled as "hesitant" actually are experiencing "refusal", as in hell no. They've got all the info they need, and have concluded that Fauci can put that needle where the sun don't shine.

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