@adam Pastor James David Manning's 'Flamming Butthole" monologue just keeps on giving - now a "metal treatment" has been produced 😆 : youtube.com/watch?time_continu

Just for perspective, here's the original rant 🤣 : youtube.com/watch?time_continu

@adam @Johncdvorak Wellity wellity wellity...Michael more producing a movie on the bullshit of green energy? I have to say I'm surprised:


@adam I think you’ve made a real impression on Joe Rogan, mate. The last couple of shows he’s quoted “revelations” made by you on his show...I thought that was awesome. You might make it on his roster of “good value” guests😎. ps..the latest podcast with Tim Pool is excellent.

Try this: Go into the NA TrollRoom with the name "DickPound". BotNamedBen will reject you for having an "inappropriate nickname".

Why? It's a real dude's name!

@adam @Johncdvorak 😆Ok Adam, I give..I finally buckled and stared watching “Tiger King” - IT’S TOTALLY VIDEO SMACK!!!..I’m addicted!!. These people are so fucked up..I tell ya, only in America (no offense). This is a seriously good watch!

@SirBaz I liked how they talk through scenarios and do various thought experiments. Looking forward to listening to the rest of it

It was nice to listen to you folks ( @dcgirl , @jennifer , ...) but @adam is not coming so I go to sleep, see ya later (next time I should have usable microphone and then I will also speak not just lurk):

What I wanna know is...does Chloroquine make my gin taste good?

@adam Ahhh...good times, good times. For some reason this song has bounded back into my brain-space youtube.com/watch?v=lMQHVzSPTe

I like any company whose slogan is: Surprisingly Legal.

Oooo...AJ's gone for the "Kojak' couiffe 😆 . I guess he was tired of trying to make less look more and went for the "Bad Ass" look. (his head was starting to look like Robocop's).

Great time today with @joerogan. Don’t miss this feature of LA though. Show will be up tomorrow! l.curry.com/fez

@adam Hey have a good time over in LA with Joe Rogan..and ay! Make sure Joe lays some of that Caviar Gold 45% THC Indica wheelchair weed on you!! I'm anxious to know what that shit's like 😆 ...anyway, have a blast!!

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