Shitposting after the end of my first week back at work because your mom said it was okay.

This is not connected to the Kiwi joke earlier, but dem gurls THICC

Did I know what I was clicking? No.
Did I want to see that? No.
Did I enjoy watching it? Hell no.
Do I want to kick you in the balls for making me watch that? Sorry, pal, I do.


No clue who she was, but she is either as dumb as it seems or very brave to knowingly bite into something like that. I can just imagine how awful all of that pollen must have tasted.

@SierraKiloBravo Yes, but an overnight stay in a "free" hospital is akin to an overnight stay in a free hotel...

@SierraKiloBravo Kill them before they kill you! Don't take any chances!
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