- 6 dead
- Gunman still on the run
- Possible second shooter at second location
- Possible situation at the hospital
- All schools in lockdown

450 people in the mosque, automatic rifle and a stack of magazines. There has to be more than 6 dead.

He livestreamed it.


- Reports are now saying 27 dead.
- A bomb has reportedly been found in a car that crashed in the city.

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- The reported shooting at the hospital is unconfirmed, reporter on the scene says that the building is in total locked down with armed police at each entrance. They were also going through the carpark methodically checking cars

- Police have chased down and taken out a vehicle and taken a man into custody

- Video footage now being shown. Police car rammed left side of the car. The car is lifted partially off the ground. Two armed police dragging person from the car.
- Prime Minister Ardern now addressing the nation

- One confirmed in custody.
- Police believe there may be other offenders.
- Police are at "a number of scenes".
- "This is an unprecedented act of violence. This is not us. There is no place for this." - Prime Minister Ardern

- Arrested suspect is reported as a 28 year old Australian man.

- Footage from the start of the Facebook livestream (does not show shots fired): 10daily.com.au/news/a190315uge

- You can hear a man in the mosque say "Welcome brother" just as the shooter takes aim and the video cuts (the cut is from the news, the livestream continued)

- Four arrested. Three men and one women.
- Cars discovered with IEDs have been "made safe" by the NZDF.

- NZ threat level changed to High.
- Propeller services out of Christchurch airport have been cancelled.
- 40 now confirmed dead with another 20 in critical condition

- The four people arrested were not on any watchlists.
- Britomart Station in Auckland evacuated and two controlled detonations have taken place on a "suspicious bag"

- Death toll is now at 49.
- A number of firearms have been retrieved from the even sites.
- Police are still working up a timeline.
- One offender has been charged.
- The people arrested were not on any lists in NZ or in AU.

God damn ABC News showing the face and name of the shooter from the Facebook livestream. Bad form

- There were four people arrested. One has been released, turns out he was a member of the public who had a gun and was trying to help the police and protect the public.

- The 28 year Australian man arrested yesterday is appearing in a Christchurch court this morning.

- The man had five firearms, including two semi-automatic guns, two shotguns and one lever action.

- No info being released on the other two people arrested

News in from the court:

- The terrorist has been remanded in custody until 5 April.

- He did not apply for bail.

- He did not request name suppression.

More from court:

- The appearance lasted only three minutes.

- The terrorist did not speak at all. He just stared around the room while his legal counsel spoke.

- He will reappear in court on 5 April and will remain in custody between now and then.

- The terrorist had the guns legally. He held a standard A-Category license.

- Guns and gun licenses are difficult to obtain in NZ. Guns do not need to be registered.

- One of the critically injured is a four year old girl.

@SierraKiloBravo It's only now starting to get coverage by the US M5M (and not much at that, too busy bashing Trump instead).

@SierraKiloBravo This guy is the perfect caricature of an extremely online fringe right guy. Almost too perfect.


"Arrested suspect is reported as a 28 year old Australian man"

Build the wall, New Zealand!

@SierraKiloBravo there is no correct position... if they obfiscate its fake news, if they expose then its too much information

@SierraKiloBravo Having watched the recording of the live stream and read the manifesto whilst waiting to see a GP - he is obviously off the planet, however no more extreme than the Islamic fundamentalists who do similar. If nothing more this has totally disrupted the usual news cycle for at least two weeks. Shorten proclaiming that people shouldn't watch the material on social media is going to have the Streisand effect ... what do they want to hide. It needs a through media deconstruction -/2

@SierraKiloBravo 2/- to make sense of what he was saying and just prove how incorrect his hypothesis is (or is not).

@dcgirl ack I mean it has to come out at some point, but I'd like to hope he gets no level of infamy. Thats precisely what he wants

@dcgirl I have noticed this morning that they have clearly cut back on it. It's now only being mentioned in passing. The shooter is appearing in court this morning.

@dcgirl It's hard to communicate just how absolutely unusual it is to hear that this kind of weaponry was used. You just don't see these types of guns in NZ. I imagine that most Kiwis, like me, would have been shocked that he had AR15s. I can understand the shotgun, but not an AR.

The last mass shooting in NZ was in 1990: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aramoana

@dcgirl This is what I mean. It's hard to express just how rare guns out in the open are here. Basically no-one shoots guns for fun in NZ. They are used as a tool. Some farmers might have a shotgun or a bolt action for pest control. Hunters will have their gear. But no-one is heading down to the range on the weekend to let off their M-16.

Well, I'd hazard to say people around here who bring their AR 10s to the range for fun aren't the same people who shoot up places of worship. But I'm biased because I'm one of them.

@dcgirl Yeah like I say, its a hard one to fully explain. Guns are just simply not a part of the day to day in NZ, or even here in AU. I turn 40 this year and I have never touched, held, or fired any type of gun.

Please understand, I'm not having a crack at gun owners, just trying to explain how alien guns are down here.

Sorry, I haven't been able to find an answer to your question about how many A-Category licenses there are.

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Well maybe they should. Mass shooters love unarmed victims. I want criminals to fear what Yamamoto feared.

@SierraKiloBravo @dcgirl the rifle in the back of the hatchback didn't look much like an AR15. It was very spartan and basic, like some sort of Chinese .223 knockoff. The shotgun looks like a typical Remington pump 12ga.

@SierraKiloBravo @dcgirl Left to Right appears to be a Winchester 30-30, a bolt action single shot with a 5 round box, and a shotgun.

@Klaatu @dcgirl I can no longer find the start of the livestream, but I'm sure there are six guns in total. There are the three on the front passenger seat (as seen in the photo), he has one on his right between his leg and the door (it has what appears to be a flashing strobe on it) and then when he goes to the back of the car there are two there.

But the reportage says there were five guns. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christch

Like I say, I can't find the start of the stream anymore to double check.

@SierraKiloBravo The immediate reaction I had was those were military weapons and therefore illegal. Had the event occurred here (AU - where those guns are illegal) it would have confirmed *my* belief that it doesn't matter whether they are legal or not it doesn't stop it happening.

@irritable Aye, I don't even know how you would get hold of them in NZ, and I assumed that you couldn't.

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