VLOG 346 | Weekend D.I.Y Projects

The one with the busy day noodling around with a couple of home DIY projects...


TEN WORD MOVIE REVIEW | The Red Sea Diving Resort

The one with the "inspired by true events" story and Evans' magnificent beard...


VLOG 345 | Literally the Worst Unboxing Video Ever Made

The one where I am all out of ideas so just shutup and watch, you're not my real mom


ITM Sydneysiders - are you and yours in the clear after the events in the CBD this afternoon?

BOOK REVIEW | On Killing

Today we take a look at On Killing, a book by Lt.Col. Dave Grossman, a book that takes a dive into the psyche of soldiers and war.


MOVIE REVIEW | The Vanishing

The one with the rough lonely island shenanigans...


Bloody Joe Rogan and that last question to Bernie. Had me rolling.

Next day update:

I posted in the internal eBay community forum and someone there gave me advice on how to get in touch with eBay (it is ridiculously hard to find this page) and I have flagged what has happened with them. I have also triggered the Close Account button - it can take up to 60 days to for this to be finalised if there are open transactions.

The two items bought were under $5 so I thought they were doing the old trick of testing with a coupe of small purchases. But when I looked at the credit card number saved on the account was not one of mine.

They are also mid-bid on an auction so I have contacted that seller to say ITS NOT ME

So I go to eBay UK directly and try and create a new account with the same email address used and sure enough it says that an account already exists. So I click reset password, and now have control of this account. I've set up 2FA, and changed all the things.

Has anyone come across this before?

So I woke up this morning to the emails from eBay UK ([email protected]) in my inbox. One congratulating me on signing up and two notifications of successful purchase.


I don't have and have never had any account with eBay UK.

So I think they must be phishing emails, trying to trick me into clicking on something in the emails so they can scoop up my details or ransomware me. But an online search didn't come up with anything.

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