NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft made its closest approach to Jupiter today in 1979. Voyager 2 was sent to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, and while it was the 4th spacecraft to fly by Jupiter, it became the first, and so far only, one to fly by Uranus and Neptune.

Is This The Shape of Things To Come? | Dave Cullen

Dave yet again does a good job of breaking down the latest C-19 related news and developments. Nice to see my hometown get some screentime.

Led by their piper, men of the 7th Seaforth Highlanders advance at the start of Operation Epsom in Normandy, 1944.

The Empire Theatre in Leicester Square, which opened in 1884 as a variety theatre, was extensively rebuilt in the 1920s to show films and remains a cinema to this day.

The crew of B-17G Fortress β€œI’ll Get By” arrive at their airplane by Jeep ay RAF Horham, Suffolk, England, 1944.

Children living in Siberia getting UV light exposure during the long dark winter months.

The breastplate of 19yo soldier Antoine Fraveau, who was struck and killed by a cannonball in June 1815 at the battle of Waterloo.

Eleanor Roosevelt in Venice, photographed by FDR on their honeymoon, today 1905.

On this day in 1941, Sgt Allen Ward climbed out onto the wing of his Wellington bomber to extinguish an engine fire caused by a German fighter, saving the aircraft and his crew.

Ward was the first New Zealand airmen to be awarded the Victoria Cross. He was killed 2 months later, aged 22.

The Wellington bomber in which Ward flew is also shown here. You can see the holes Ward made to help him climb across the wing in order to put out a fire caused by a night fighter attack.

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