Appears Nick Sandmann did reach a couple defamation settlements and might get more. Could pave the way for Rittenhouse and really get some cash out of M5M for their attacks.


@maxburn wishful thinking, two totally different cases. Sandman wasn’t charged with murder. If Rittenhouse is acquitted he may have a chance. Hung jury or miss trial will make this more difficult. Obviously if he’s convicted no way. The jury is still out.

It’s interesting a lot of right wing outlets are making this claim. Not sure why?

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@Sideways I was figuring with this evidence and testimony he'd be exonerated but I guess we just don't know that yet.

@maxburn Don’t mean to pop off like I know what I’m talking about, Robert Barns and other lawyers are saying this. Its baffling when lawyers are saying this, but certain publications are pushing the opposite narrative.

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