WATCH THIS: Joe Rogan annihilates @drsanjaygupta over vaccinating children. Sanjay seems utterly lost here; almost as if he's never been challenged on this outside of the imploding television medium of 30 sec scripted sound bites and groupthink circle jerks.

@Djeep of course he hasn't been challenged! this was great to see. Rogan is throwing a giant wrench in the machine and it is glorious.


@jeremyspokeinclass @Djeep he does this in a very smart, calm way. When Goop deflects he come right back.

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@Sideways @Djeep absolutely - Rogan has become one of the best interviewers out there. He lets his guest finish and then comes back. I love that he kept saying "do you understand"

@jeremyspokeinclass @Djeep agree completely, the Goop is no dope, very impressed with Joe’s tone and persistence. Goop was doing everything he could not to give a sound bite.

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