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While traveling in Mexico I would pull up next to cars in the bigger metropolitan areas and the little kids in the back seat would start crying. I would try to calm them down by grinning but, it always seemed to make things worse. My Spanish isn’t great, it was something about, “Diablo Blanco.”

Intended for ppl who are high risk of community exposure.

Four current, former Louisville police officers federally charged in Breonna Taylor's death

Jaynes and another detective tried to cover up their actions by drafting a bogus investigative letter and making false statements to investigators, according to the statement. Jaynes falsified a report in hopes of impeding a criminal probe into Taylor's death; Meany also made false statements, the statement said.

This is the end of Viva Frei. His guest is flat out saying the vaccine doesn’t work, don’t give it to your children and Viva looks pale and apathetic as if he’s in a firing squad. Even Barns for once has nothing to say.

On NA this week it was discussed how educated ppl’s birth rate is significantly lower than the poorer disadvantaged. Are we sterilizing ppl with education? Is this why there is a big push to get minorities into universities? Sounds pretty racist?

Forget about evasive procedures or large monetary insensitive’s just send ‘em to college!

Marilyn Mosley was defeated in her re-election bid for Baltimore’s Prosecuting Attorney. The Soros funded prosecutor who went after 6 officers in the death of Freddie Gray. She lied, claiming her office had conducted a parallel investigation, yet failed to show any evidence.

Turns out the raid leading to Gray’s arrest was made by her on behalf of her husband a local politician.

She has been indicted for Covid Fraud in connection with vacation homes in Florida.

Rafael Caro Quintero has been recaptured. He was the drug lord who tortured DEA agent Kiki Camarena to death for the CIA in 1985.

What the hell does Adam Curry have to do to make the list?

The Guardian traced the spread of the latest conspiracy theory on the Great Reset, which had integrated anti-lockdown conspiracies, to internet personalities and groups, including Candace Owens, Glenn Beck, Fox News hosts Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson and Paul Joseph Watson the UK-based editor of Alex Jones' website Infowars, where he advanced the New World Order conspiracy theory.

This is a lousy interview however, a fascinating story with a lot of things Adam has been talking about for years.

Tommy Morrison was a rising boxing star with a contract to fight Tyson for $10m when he tested positive for HIV. Turns out the Fauci connected lab was using non FDA approved tests and had connections to the sports betting world. Evidence suggests he never had HIV but was stigmatized for the rest of his life.

Breaking News; Justin Trudeau made 11 hoes in one playing his first round of golf ever. Amazing!

@Johncdvorak a millennial told me it was “illegal” to ride a bike in Seattle without a helmet. This caused me to laugh out load thinking about what John said a few shows ago. Turns out she was half right, it was illegal until a few moths ago when the city council overturned it because, it was disproportionately used against homeless ppl. I might die!

Why does feel like these assholes are looking down their noses at us?

This Norwegian’s journey is fascinating. After becoming a outspoken vegan influencer in Norway he start suffering health effects like cramping, joint pain, skin was becoming thin and translucent. His young son’s teeth were coming in brown. His wife was suffering vitamin deficiencies. As soon as he starts eating meat all the health issues reversed. Ironically, he now gets death threats from the vegan community.

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