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While traveling in Mexico I would pull up next to cars in the bigger metropolitan areas and the little kids in the back seat would start crying. I would try to calm them down by grinning but, it always seemed to make things worse. My Spanish isn’t great, it was something about, “Diablo Blanco.”

This story makes no sense. Ron Jeremy is charge with raping a girl 26 years ago and several others over a decade ago. One was in a public bar. The guy making hundreds of skin flicks at the time still has energy to openly rape a woman in a bar. Why does it take so long to go after these guys?

If your interested in Sirhan Sirhan or bad Kennedy’s you’ll love the insider information these guys have. Some of these Kennedy’s are more dangerous than Omnicron.

Who’s side would you really be on when the Natzi’s came for the Jews?

If you have a vaccine card to dine indoors you’ve already picked a side.

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“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” ― Voltaire

Newsom is not going to allow Sirhan Sirhan to be released. I thought they wanted to release everyone?

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BREAKING: Mexico Removes All COVID-19 Entry Requirements Including Health Form.

Let’s all go to MEXICO!!!!

This is an old article but worth reviewing. It’s about all the money government agencies are paying confidential informants. Amtrak employees, one “parcel” employee made $1.5m in 5 years, airline employees being paid for tips even if they didn’t observe or have any knowledge of criminal behavior, one girl having sex with a DEA supervisor she was paid $240k and has no idea why...

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Alec Baldwin has a new rant and he found the Splenda pack.

My roommate is getting over covid but she has the dry cough. Does anyone have a recommendation?

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Something about this seems credible. This ballot harvesting report is coming from John Solomon.

Sometimes they have so many in their hands it drops to the ground and they pick some of the ballot envelopes up again, put them in. You can see them occasionally taking those selfie photos, which is what the gentleman described as part of the modus operadi.

Has anyone heard this story? John Fredricks on the Steve Bannon Show claims Georgia has busted a ballot harvester who says he was paid $45,000 to drive around Georgia stuffing thousands of ballots into drop boxes. The story is he’s cooperating with authorities. There were a bunch of guys in Arizona too.

AOC is Congress Hot but it’s not why Ppl are making fun of her creepy boyfriend’s feet. Even CNN is mocking her.

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