@REX I keep hearing this, and I keep not seeing the evidence. I hope you’re right, but have absolutely no reason to believe you are.

Is there any way to see / follow gab accounts from a noagendasocial.com account on Tootle?

Anybody not following @AlexBerenson on twitter needs to start

Thread by @SharylAttkisson: "1. With respect, this is false -- and a persistent misconception. The Obama Justice Dept. ultimately determined rdered" and "likely did not have his hands up" when shot. The Obama Justice Dept. declined to charge the offi […]" threadreaderapp.com/thread/116

@dcjogger why? Gold seems just as arbitrary as any other currency.

Jack Posobiec  🇺🇸 Retweeted:

Sir, no one seems to be reading SJW comics. The entire industry is in freefall.

There are many causes for this, but I offer that an important factor is that many of these companies are trolling their regular, loyal customers for political reasons. twitter.com/DavidSorenson20/st …

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2:53 PM - 9 Aug 2019

More bots: mastlist.blogspot.com

@doctorow ah, yes, I’ve heard about this in family lore.

@ThomasWic you failed at whatever unnamed endeavors you’re talking about, and it’s somehow someone else’s fault? You sound like a 25 year old who lives at home with mom.

@Jdogg247 "sean astin from stranger things"... Really? No "Rudy" or "samwise gamgee"... Stranger Things?

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