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Three vaccinated people in New Brunswick, Canada are in the hospital with COVID.

One had their second shot more than two weeks ago, the other two only had 1 shot.

In New Brunswick 145,000 people have been vaccinated, 15,000 of them had both shots.

Sounds like what @adam and @Johncdvorak were talking about with ferrets getting sicker when exposed to the wild virus after an mRNA vaccine.

Just hope they don't die like the ferrets or those kids from the 60s.

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is my favourite compulsive cereal eating podcast.

Been playing a dumb little tap game on my son's tablet AND I've been carrying a smartphone again to listen to some audio books I can't (easily) get access to otherwise.

Been real weird and I can definitely feel that addiction creeping back in already. It's horrible.

For the first time in almost two years I'm going to be carrying around a smartphone for a little bit.

Apparently the Audible "Plus" library books only work on smartphones so I'll be listening to them on my wife's old smartphone with no sim card and a screen so cracked you almost can't use it.

I'll be glad to get rid of it. *shudders*

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