Going to go offline for about 15m in the next hour or so that I can perform a full backup and test the fixes. Don't worry friends, I'm at the wheel and have only had a little bourbon.

Oh @ServerStatus NAS should start a gofundme to make sure you have a padded wheel and a bottle of the Bourbon of your choice. and as always, you are a legend.

@OhVinnie @ServerStatus I get value, so would definitely like to know how to return some value.

Oh @MountainJay first we need to know what kind of Bourbon that @ServerStatus has a hankering to try. Go for the gusto!

Maybe a smorgasbord??? Here, have a look at a menu...
The Bourbon Bucket List: The 20 Best Bourbons You Need to Try at Least Once

@eriner , make some picks. Anyone deserves it, it's you. If it ain't Bourbon, lettuce know.

Leave everything else to us slaves. We can row this boat...

@ServerStatus the update should include a force follow of this account like a myspace-tom

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