> removed 1428005 media attachments (approx. 974 GB)

This is from the latest maintenance task run. Das a lotta jiggabytes

Server may be down overnight this weekend for some physical machine maintenance (gotta blow dust out, clean fans).

Remotely resetting the WAN link and rebooting the server.

All pray together, now.

Internet provider downtime. That wasn't the planned downtime I had mentioned earlier. Sorry about that, folks.

NAS will be offline one evening this week for database maintenance that cannot be performed while the instance is online. Should be back online in the wee hours of the morning.

Love is lit.

Lol, the whole instance seems snappier now. I should probably rebuild the indicies on some sort of schedule.

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NAS will be up and down a bit today while I rebuild some of the database indicies.

If you notice some account avatars missing, don't panic... yet. In the middle of some DB maintenance that hasn't been performed for 3+ years.

They should return when complete, in a few days. If it is broken for real, I'll post a follow-up.

Me, waking up to texts to fix NAS/Cloudflare after ISP DHCP lease lapse, then stumbling on on the (unrelated) root cause of the image uploads borking under high load

A few bugs and bots crawled into Mastodon, working them out now. Your feeds may be coming in late, but better late than never.

The webchat is not displaying correctly on noagendastream.com.

The direct link is: webchat.zeronode.net/noagenda

Update your bookmarks

NoAgendaTube now supports sign in with No Agenda Social. Thanks to @eriner for the suggestion!

The button is at the bottom of the login screen, it's a bit easy to miss.

If you already have an account with the same username registered on NAT, this wont work.

Timelines may be lagging behind. Server load is at an all-time high.

Going to reboot the server quickly to add an extra 16GB of RAM.

For anyone curious, here is a graph of job queue history from NAS for the 1000 days:

For those having email delivery problems, I'm going to be changing the NAS mail server later tonight (moving off mailgun). If, after tomorrow, you continue having delivery problems please reply directly to this thread.

If you've had problems with email delivery in the past, please keep those anecdotes to yourself (to keep the thread clean).


Server move complete, however there are still some network and hardware changes to make.

Expect additional periodic downtime throughout the weekend. Thank you for your patience.

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