I'm going to be decommissioning one of the NAS-tangential servers later today (for those curious, it's the Wireguard bastion). Because this is a "hot-path" for the site, Cloudflare will probably throw some errors. All is well, I assure you. This will cut cumulative power consumption by half.

Server going to be going down for a complete data backup at some point in the next 12 hours. This will take a few hours to complete.

The Terabytes of NAS cat pictures will live on in perpetuity.

Server will be playing catchup for a bit while it pulls in everything missed during the downtime. Just a little turbulence folks, nothing to be worried about.

Upgrades to all infrastructure are complete, thank you folks. We know you don't have a choice in server administrators, so you'll take what we give you. Thanks for Tooting on NASocial.

Need to apply networking gear firmware updates, hold on tight!

Identified the problem, but I want to take a data snapshot before I fix it. Server will go offline for 20m or so during snapshot. After it's finished, I can make fix while the server is live.

I have no idea what caused the extended downtime, containers just didn't schedule correctly. Investigating....

> TFW you're doing tech stuff and slack dies but you don't want to stop doing tech stuff

Just made some changes to the caching system. Should be transparent to NAS members.

love and light

Database migrations were not automatically run after mastodon was updated automatically to the latest version. Unfortunately, errors like this are not caught by the server status checker.

Your experience has been improved, citizen.

Media almost all off of local storage and into cloud blob storage. I've reclaimed almost a TB of storage and offloaded lots of bandwidth.

Status available here, and will be available even when mastodon is down: nastatus.com

Jiggling the handle. Web interface and images may be temporarily broken while the transition completes. Will flush cache once finished. Mobile apps will probably work.

I'm jiggling the server handle a little bit. Things may be a bit slow, but should continue to function. Might be a few

I am making changes to improve your experience, citizen. Remain calm and buy toilet paper.

Thank you Fedora, for not only EOLing CoreOS with three months notice, but for disabling the docker daemon from automatically starting on reboot. If you noticed the most recent downtime, shake your fist at RedHat.

For those who want to ping me when there are issues (outside of NAS), my Twitter is: twitter.com/theeriner

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