Just watched John Oliver's take on Immigration "Courts".

Kids have to defend themselves??

It makes sense when you want to kick as many Mexicans as fast as possible out of the country, but at least have some decency when doing it.

This really is sickening...

t-online.de asks users if they are considering to leave facebook because of the Cambridge A. scandal.

To see the results of the other voters they want to know your sex, your birth year and your zip code. Or just connect your FB account so they can harvest all the data on their own :^)

#1018 that Cambrigde A. dude is really funny, dodge the question to power through his russian agenda on american tv nicely, but doesn't
mention that once during his interviews with the bbc and channel 4

"Konnichi wa" - informel "Hello" used as a mid-day greating
"Ohayou Gozaimasu" means "Good morning"

~weeb out

Also @ the swiss guy with his russian wife, yes Putin said what she claimed ( "it's the business of the secret service") He was asked if he had ever ordered to eliminate a traitor. He said that is not his job and then said the "kick the bucket" thing, which he says while the reporter is translating.

Kinda bad to include sentences you don't translate...

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You can decide what he meant by that.

My mother always says i shouldn't trust Putin with everything he says, so there in no bias.

The translation in the subtitles is fine, at least for the part we are interested in.

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I might be late to the party but w/e
So i was searching for that Interview of Putin and found it: youtu.be/E8B9wGcDWVI?t=11542 (timestamp with question and answer)

Putin used the term "загнётся" which is colloquial russian for "to die" so it is okay to translate it with "kick the bucket".

But! He phrased his sentence in a way where he is not threatening traitor that he will order to kill them. He says that they will die from their own guilt of betraying their country.

whatsapp not working, cant post memes in my groupchats 😰

going to enjoy my extended weekend because of the workers' day. But the jokes are on me because i never really worked for 1 day in my life.

wow demanded punctuality right into the face of a young black woman at a university,
holy shit what a badass better look out for your

Code a computer virus to replace the contents of every ebook in Israel for mein kampf

Can I get something that emulates the sound of a 90s HDD reading data for my compy?

Some days, I think people forget what the word "Minority" means.

so called racial microaggressions are getting out of hand, i cant stand this anymore, you've got a future misanthrope over here 😟

why isn't Grammarly working on here? SAD!
Back to twitter, gotta start the shitstorm

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