@adam @Johncdvorak Just an FY I in case no one mentioned it to you. About the 3x3 rundown from John...

NBC had nurses on their show Thursday because this is nurses week. Several people in my life are nurses, and I was inundated with that content all week!

Just curious... did anyone here watch the Fan Controlled Football league this season? They played the championship on Saturday night.

I just accidentally turned on vertical tabs in my browser and I was incredibly confused for a minute. 😅

Those people who fear the computers taking over clearly don't own a robot vacuum. These stupid things constantly need help, and cannot remember a basic map of my house more than a week or so.

I realized as I was listening to Thursday's show that I had not logged in here in quite a while. I had no idea it had not been since 2017!! I guess that probably makes me just about an OG on this thing.

Nothing like starting work 2.5 hours late because of a "significant track issue" with your commuter train. ya'll!

So the federated timeline is what? Just a random fire hose of BS? can those folks see what we post here?

Man this layout is super funky, this will take some getting used to.

Hello to all of my fellow alt-right nazi quad·roons 😂 🤣

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