I listened to this podcast, yet I am still researching the claims.. so here is is, raw: Tom Luongo.. Putin is our best hope stopping global reset?? kunstler.com/podcast/kunstlerc

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Wesley Clark fessing up about Cheney Cabal. I’ve not heard this before:

Texas Slim: "We are going to become a new International Lifestyle that begins right here in Texas" l.curry.com/fyb

During open questions in Parliament today, Rep. Colin Carrie of Oshawa, Ontario asked the cutting question of which Parliament members are on board with & agenda. He was quickly shut down with erronous claims that his audio and video feeds were not good, when the audio was crystal clear. The question wasn't answered by the fumbling speaker, and they moved on. Then another member gets on and calls it disinformation.

How many people were denied medical treatment to inflate covid deaths to get Xiden into office? How many will die in Ukraine to keep him there?

Did you know that: "your hamburger comes with a dose of misogyny"... For your entertainment.. youtu.be/gMfjm4NWkYU

It’s no surprise to see so many vaccinated people getting Covid as Omicrons so infectious. Its sad that those most vulnerable end up hospitalized or worse dead. With Phizer(Paxlovid), Merck(Molnupiravir) and others bringing alliteration laden life saving therapeutics to the market to further prevent hospitalization and death; why doesn’t President Biden trigger the Defense Production Act and increase the supply of Monoclonal Antibodies and these hard to get therapeutics? What am I missing?

Gotta give a shout out to Montana for being the only state in the union to outlaw employer/employee discrimination based on vaccination status. Mask mandates in schools are also under heavy fire. Life carries on here. Masks are few and far between and "my body is still my choice"...

If you are freedom minded, please join us. If not, stay the fuck out.

The fact that battery cars don't work in the cold never gets brought up. A friend of mine had to go tow a guy who got 50 miles out of town before his Tesla died. It was fully charged when he left and the temperature was somewhere around -10 degrees. Cold kills batteries and battery cars have the same problem.

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