The fucking scariest thing must be the fact that I was born on October 26. The BEST podcast in the universe as well, but hear me out... BTTF (the movie) all plays around that same date... And more importantly; According to the author Bill Bryson the scientific birth date of the BIG fucking BANG was on October 26 as well... I SHIT you not... @adam @Johncdvorak

I actually like @NICKtheRAT his show! Thanks Nick! @adam If I would send in a cool weekly (English) podcast, would you or the guys that run the live stream play it? If you like a reference of what I am capable of check out the QFF Radio (66.6 FM and Radio veronica Archives) and my English is pretty okay as well, I once did some radio in English on SXM (@ The legendary Island 92 Station before the fuckin' CIA took it over, not even kiddin')

@adam and @Johncdvorak episode thirteen hundred is actually one of the better ones lately (but then again, most episodes are good and epic lol)! Love the chemical connection you two have! Again congrats with numero thirteen hundred! ❤️ Below some art I made to celebrate it! ❤️

Congrats @adam and @Johncdvorak for 1300 epic episodes of the best podcast in the universe!

Tuned in to the livestream that will alow me to listen to the BEST podcast in the UNIVERSE again... Thank You @adam and @Johncdvorak for making this happen... Congratulations to Episode 1300, (En op naar 13000) One Love ❤️ From Groningen. (for John: GRO-NIN-GEN ❤️

Still Runnin', Still Love It... <3 #666 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

Some REAL Blues (Not from the United States, still REAL Blues)... Ask @adam He'll most likely knows Cuby and The Blizzards as well...


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@adam @Johncdvorak Funny thing is she actually can't stop talking about Adam & John... We raised her in 3 languages as she was born on French St. Martin in the Caribbean. She speaks fluent English. French and Dutch.

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@adam @Johncdvorak She actually picked up the guitar and started playin' along with the "Fat Lady" song, which I now have to play for her each and every other day... 😂 ❤️

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@adam @Johncdvorak tuned into the live stream with my 4 year old listening as well, she loves the fat bitch singin'! ❤️

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