Earlier today in my hometown Groningen @ Stadspark I saw Weezer 🥰 I feel so lucky! The only thing missing was , yes you ...

And I just committed a crime again @gemeente_groningen

This was done inside the "diepenring"

Go seek and spot it and do not forget to send me the bill as soon as you guys found it. But only if you guys show me the pictures of the cleaning process.


I think I have just committed a crime while producing some street art... 😊

So, I am terribly sorry @gemeente_groningen for perfecting the city with some art. Go sort it out. I seriously just couldn't handle my creative drift this afternoon.😉 So just send me the bill as soon as you guys find it, but please do send me pics of the cleaning process. 😘

One Love ❤️

a Blast from the Past... This picture was once taken somewhere in august 2017 in my studio, just 2 weeks prior to September 6th., when hurricane Irma smashed everything into smithereens.


And some other times...

Mixed media on canvas (140 x 140 cm's)

Faces meeting each other and meeting news and stories on paper...

I was in a blending mood I guess... 😊

But, then again, I guess I can write hidden messages now...

LOL its still so raw you can actually noticed the main grid I used

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New project I have been working on for a week or so...

Today there was a nice article in the newspaper about my art and the nft market in general.

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