Behind the scenes of the No Agenda Show on location at White Oak Pastures @adam @thebeefinitiative @tbi

@adam Curry explaining Value4Value at the Beef Initiative @TBI

Finally got the whole family on GrepheneOS. Now I'm in search of an app, with no trackers or Google services, that we can use for video calls. We used to be an apple family so we are missing our facetime. Any suggestions?

Here is a video to share with the Normies. It hits all the highlights of the vaccine hypocrisy...

Can anyone point me to a website for job openings that do not require the jab?

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@adam @Johncdvorak
I have always heard "No Agenda Be-otch!!" at the beginning of the Meetups segment. It took 4-5 shows before I realized what it was really saying.

@adam @Johncdvorak
Where do I send clips for consideration for the show? I have a boots-on-the-ground report to share.

@adam What was the email client you suggested for GrapheneOS?

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We can’t have 12 people speaking out against Big Pharma! BAN THEM!!!

Just 12 people spread 65% of anti-vaxx content on social media

@adam I'm digging Grapheme and I'm off all social media besides Mastodon. Two big steps toward taking responsibility for my own privacy! Thanks for sharing the info that finally convinced me to go for it.

Now I need a recommendation for a crypto wallet.

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