Isn’t it amazing that the m5m suddenly says that weaponized immigration is a real thing now that Poland is being accused of it? All for not going along with the dictates of the EU.

Prosecutors offer probation to the ex-boyfriend of Breonna Taylor (the intended target of the raids which tragically got her killed) in exchange for him leaving town.

Which begs the question, what was the point then of the militaristic raid and show of force if no one goes to jail?

Kentucky’s governor just said the federal vaccine mandate is ‘actually a testing mandate’ and that what it does is ‘require different levels of testing based on vaccination status.’

What does this mean? Has anyone heard any other public official say something like this?

He’s the lawyer, not me!

It’s fitting that delta airlines would be the first to buck the mandate…. Reclaiming the brand

@adam @Johncdvorak I found the show last year and was drawn to it for the honest covid deconstruction, but now I long for the day when you talk more about globalism and lizard people

And by calling it a ‘so-called’ mRNA shot, is this an early indication of a pivot? Are they trying to scrap the whole rollout of mRNA technology as a covid shot since it’s becoming obvious that it’s a dud? Cut losses and try again?

When Scott Gottlieb says mrna-hesitant parents (different than ‘anti-vax’) should ‘talk to their pediatrician,’ what he really means is ‘go talk to some debt serf who has no choice but to pressure you into giving your kid the shot’

NEW - A project led by the Rockefeller Foundation and the New York Stock Exchange has created a new asset class that will put, not just the natural world, but the processes underpinning all life, up for sale under the guise of promoting “sustainability.”

Don’t worry everyone. This wasn’t domestic terrorism since it was BLM protesters shutting down a school board meeting over putting cops back in schools after over 400 fights, guns at school, teachers attacked, etc…. so far this school year.

Incredible new @MoeFactz episode

Interesting John’s Hopkins anecdote, our proud socialist school board representative has a PhD from there. He’s the only school board member who pushed for a strict vaccine-only (no testing option) mandate:

He’s also a twat:

Paying lots of attention to John’s Hopkins connections now… between this, Henrietta Lacks, event 201, Jen Psakis sister (and much more) something is definitely up, as JCD would say.

@adam cant wait to hear about the nba owners connection to Epstein.

I’ve also been wondering if the saga of Rick Pitino and UL isn’t somehow related…. After all the whole thing was centered around underage sex trafficking to players. That all happened before me too and Epstein so I wonder if it was either some sort of test run or even the first domino to fall.

Why does this so called mandate for private employers feel like a counterpoint to the Texas abortion law?

Both are mostly rhetorical and won’t actually work in the manner the m5m says they will.

@SirSpencer we know the tests are bullshit anyway. And yeah, if you’re concerned about your safety, stay the fuck away from me.

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