"CW Police Shooting: after putting his hsnds up, giving himself up and disarming himself 3 Denver police officers shoot man and 6 bystanders. DPD has said they felt their actions were justified."

"DOJ ADMITS To Taking Trump Passports, Media CAUGHT Pushing LIE Defending FBI And REFUSES To Retract"

A few reminders.

📍 Kevin Spacey accuser and writer Ari Behn dies by suicide

📍 Clintons, Soros Implicated In Norway Child Porn

📍 The man who convinced Bill Gates of the vaccination (Gavi)

📍 Eternal revenge and the production of prophecies' affirmations. 666 Jesuit agenda
mewe.com/p/thefaceofshame/medi jesuit shit-house

If people with shellfish allergies can be kiIied by eating bugs, and they're not telling people what they're doing, then shall we assume this is an attempt at mass genocide?
"Major Brands Quietly Slipping Filthy Insects Into Our Food"

*durrr sterilize your kids when they're young enough to identify as egg salad or go to gulag*
These fucking cunts...

"Professor at Children’s Mercy Hospital says not giving a child puberty blockers is a form of psychological abuse and suggests parents should be held criminally liable and the state should intervene."

Remember when aids was blamed on gay men, and not a polio poke? And how faucci had useful (and currently effective and used) treatments supressed to increase infections in the gay community and rack up a body count? It's the 80's plan all over again.

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