When the virus first arrived, I wasn't immune to the panic. I was nervous of catching this novel killer virus to which nobody had immunity.

Everyone worked from home except my team. We were disinfecting every shared surface, masked, isolated and split into shifts.

I did a bit of digging over the first couple of weeks. No media source published recovery data. Suspicious. I got the raw data on cases and deaths, and did some math.

The disease wasn't deadly if you were under 70. It was bullshit.

Nobody else I knew bothered to run the numbers. All of the MScs and PhDs that I work with. Not one bothered to point their vast intellects at doing some simple statistics on what they believed to be a serious global pandemic.

Nobody was skeptical - at least in public. As an engineer I base my decisions on data. It's a habit now, and I gather all data I can and process it before making any kind of decision or forming an opinion.

None of my colleagues did the same.

The 'mass formation' or brainwashing seemed to work best on the highly educated. Rank and file workers were grumbling and expressing doubts but none of the engineers.

This is still something I haven't gotten to the bottom of. Why were we so susceptible to the psyop?

@Sabex academia is completely corrupt to the core so educated people are prob worse off. Engineering is less susceptible to it I imagine cause numbers don’t lie

@Sabex Sadly, so many still are. I’m surrounded by double-masked triple-vaxxed masters degrees.

@Sabex I think some people at the socioeconomic “bottom” know that they don’t know, but they DO know evil is real and people are crooked from getting fucked a lot. Street smart so to speak. People at the “top” are awarded with a degree in a specialist field but have no idea how to make toast, yet they’ve been given the “you know everything now” trophy and you never have to ask questions again. Tricked by their own arrogance, it’s the flaw of intellectualism. Just my thoughts.

@Sabex because most people "trusted the science". The smartest people I know are following along in lock step. It's so bizarre!

@Sabex classism or liberalism

I think that's a part of why highly educated were so susceptible.

Based on empirical data. Among those I know, it wasn't wealth or intelligence or income or socioeconomic.

The two best indicators we're how much you trust the govt and institutions, and how classist you were.

@stewil102 Actually that's a great point. I'm "middle class" at the moment (ugh) but I come from a solidly working class background, and I distrust anything from the government.


Same problem as the replication crisis and p-hacking scandal.

@DaemonFools I think that affects academia primarily. I don't see much of it in engineering but...

...Volkswagen emissions flubbing <cough cough>

>Why were we so susceptible to the psyop?

I also have a STEM background and I noticed the same thing you did. I think the real reason they all “fell” for it is because STEM people tend to put a lot of stock into the conclusions of academia. It can’t just be wrong. It can’t just be corrupt. You, random citizen, are obligated to take its conclusions more or less at face value. Faux News? LOL, Cite a real source!

See, to these people, it’s about legitimacy, and to them, STEM academia has automatic legitimacy. It is the final arbiter of truth. It is through them that you measure what is and is not real. Because this attitude is deeply ingrained, and because at least for the time being it has support from statesmen and academia, that calcifies the university’s stature as Arbiter Of Truth in their mind.

And here’s where the real cynicism comes from: they are particularly susceptible to this because it benefits them. Imagine if any other sector of society were suddenly placed on such a pedestal. Let’s say Big Business had such a stature out of the blue. Suddenly, we need to consult Big Business on everything. Sure, the “scientific community” has its opinion, but what does the “business community” say? That’s how we’ll know if they’re right or not. Or how about the religious community? Or, just for kicks, the gamer community?

Do you think any of these groups would pass up holding moral and epistemological authority like that?

@NEETzsche That's very true. Before the pandemic, public health officials were basically cockroach catchers in restaurants.

Then all of a sudden, they had god-like predictive powers and authority.

That doesn't alter the attitude I thought was prevalent (which clearly wasn't true) that yes, this paper is authoritative - *for now*. Until better research is performed. Particularly when the situation is developing rapidly, I was expecting new research to change the situation on a daily basis.

I personally got ostracized for stiffening my stance on tranny shit. Worse than a mere mistake, the fact that trannyism is both incorrect and is a perspective you are required to acquiesce to in basically all academic fields means all of those fields are now betting their credibility that it is correct. If it isn’t, then the field loses credibility and must regain it over the course of not months, not years, but decades.

Turns out, trannyism isn’t correct. Sources that reject trannyism are, as a category, superior to those who accept it, as a category. If someone asserts, as a matter of fact, that XYZ is true, and it’s a pro-tranny (incorrect) source, it’s right for me to respond to it with an anti-tranny (correct) source. The anti-tranny source wins, no further analysis required. The only way the Journal Of Whateverthefuck can recover from this is to do an about face on the tranny question. Until then, it is to be treated as a dubious-at-best blog.

You have no clue how violent the reaction to this attitude was. People threatened me with violence to my face IRL over it.

@NEETzsche That's shitty.

It's not a topic I care about personally, if you want to transition then go for it, it doesn't affect me if you're Arthur or Martha. The trend in society to drive our youth into this behaviour is incredibly disturbing though.

If you tell me you're sexually a white dragon (and with a straight face) I'll mock you until you cry though.

Well, the reason I took such a hard stance on it is because you could practically hear the record scratching whenever it came out that I didn't buy it. So they tried the inverse on me: to be even considered on the topic of, say, computer science, I had to accept entirely at face value trannyism. Otherwise, opinion discarded, at best.

So it was about "no u" to that. It was about "you tried to force me to believe something false by pain of expulsion, job loss, etc, now you must believe something true, or it escalates directly."

@NEETzsche No, I get that. Here for the math, but have to submit to the New Religion.

I'm glad I didn't have to go through academia when this was going on.

I was contemplating going back to do a psychology degree, but the thought of that bullshit put me off the idea completely.

Honestly, at this point, it's important that we ban all homosexuality, because it led directly to this. In this case, slippery slope isn't a fallacy. In less than 20 years, it went from it's okay to be gay to cutting off your child's dick. That's unacceptable. Those Fire and Brimstone Christians were correct. Everybody else was incorrect.

It's time to let policy reflect reality. Not sorry.
Unironically yes. Enough of this shit. They tried to make my ability to live a normal life determined by if I pay them obeisance. Now it's time to pay the piper.
@NEETzsche @Sabex we need to go one step further: the evangelicals were right on the slippery slope of homosexuality. What they didn't do, what we must do, is call out their handlers: it is the jews that paid for those TV evangelists to be on TV and in front of Congress. It is jews that push this degeneracy. To end this degeneracy, we must first eliminate its root, the jew.
>its da jooz

Nah. I've seen too many people of too many other races supporting this, and too many Jews opposing it, for e-wignat dajooz reductionism to scan as correct.
@NEETzsche @Sabex It's not simple reductionism, and you know as well as I do that we "e-wignat" types did not come to this answer simply. I don't even like the concept, because it does come off as too simple.

I've seen it with my own eyes, NEETzsche. The undercover work I've had to do to track down who is responsible for all of this was immense and insane. Yes, there are other races that support this degeneracy. Yes, there are jews, notably hardcore orthodox jews, that are against this. BFD, I tracked this and the reasoning back to a small handful of jews and their pathological need to - regardless of whether they were religious jews or not - enslave all the other races of the planet. They exploit every other jew down the line by simply calling on them to follow the need bred into their blood.

I don't like this answer. It hurts me, understand? I am not built to hate, I am not built to commit violence, but I do have a sense of self-preservation. Jews are built to hate, it's in their blood, it's bred into them. They will commit violence with anyone they can talk into doing such. When you are up against an enemy that hates you simply because of the way you look, backing down like I did all my life (because the kiked churches told me that "being meek" was "being harmless") lets them kill you. As much as it hurts me to have found these conclusions first-hand, I must protect my people from those who hate me.
@NEETzsche @Sabex
imo you should start with banning USA, because whole USA history led to this
@NEETzsche @Sabex I'm in and around the same fields. The violence is real. Unfortunately, bullets are expensive and you could level all of the Seattle institutions of higher learning and not even make a dent.

It's bad out there.
@NEETzsche @Sabex Also, STEM people just want to be left alone to do actual work so they just go along with fads. Until it backfires spectacularly and then their autistic asses can't save themselves
@corfiot @Sabex They got a little more into this fad than is acceptable

@Corfiot @NEETzsche @Sabex
There is a lot of value in this observation.

Individuals with "attention seeky" personalities gravitate to these "causes", and the strategy to both gain attention to themselves (what we now call 'virtue signalling') and to promote the "cause", is to be as obnoxious as is allowed. The limit of what's allowed is continuously expanding, of course. Also...

There are more thoughts in this direction, but continuing the discussion simultaneously obscures and demonstrates

@Corfiot @NEETzsche @Sabex
the point I originally started typing this to make:

All of this nonsense is effectively a denial-of-service attack on useful work.

The fact that this discussion is even necessary is a cost imposed upon society. The more it is discussed, the more energy is diverted from useful things and directed to the discussion. Which puts us in a "double-bind".

A lose/lose scenario.

So, STEM people just wanting to be left alone is a tendency they are deliberately exploiting


Same! We are a car dealership and they declared us as a necessary business. Didn’t miss a day except when someone here got sick, then we went home for two weeks if you were in the same office. Over 20 dealerships owned by my dealership and yes, politics played a role. Masks were mandatory and I couldn’t keep mine on. Yelled at a lot because health dept would show up unannounced and creep around. We sold at tables on the sidewalk winter and summer because only 10 people allowed in.

@karnage @Stacie @Sabex

I'm 62. When I caught it I fully accepted and just rolled with it. If it's my time to die, it's my time to die. One rough week of shallow breathing, lots of chicken soup, and done. The second time was milder than a flu - no shortness of breath, symptom-free in three days.

A bullshit collectivist ("We're all in danger, all in it together!") scare from day one. Had they put in its proper statistical prospective, at risk people could have been focused on and protected.

@StevenDouglas @karnage @Stacie @Sabex My husband and I caught it very early in March 2020. The dog caught it too. My husband and the dog were sick first. I was third. My husband has sleep apnea. I was very worried that he’d be hospitalized. Was also worried for me and then what would I do with my sweetie pie dog. So I went old school - opened windows, cleaned surfaces, drank tonic water (quinine) with lemon and sat in the sun. We all recovered. My husband had a 4 month cough.

@Sabex And when you’re over 70 lots of things start to become deadly. People seem to have forgotten that.

@Sabex I was catching up with my coworker friend today and at some point she said "and now I have to worry about monkeypox". She's in a monogamous marriage.

She had no idea it's a curable STD.

What no one has been able to still explain is why some people were simply unaffected by the virus. As for me with no vaccines, 3 years into this pandemic, I'm glad I never fell for the bullshit.

@znajam @Sabex Im unvaxed and never got it either. I work nights so I was worried about not getting enough Vitamin D and getting it.

Maybe everyone will get it eventually or some people will never get it. Maybe its come and gone already. Who knows.

@Jack5150 @znajam there was some talk of it affecting people with Neanderthal DNA differently, and lots of other speculative bullshit from the scientific community.

Could be luck, could be lifestyle, could be genetic, who knows?

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