@Sabex They talked about that in the US in April. Full retard.

@M @Sabex

Didn't the leftist governor of michigan ban the purchase of seeds at one point?

@AtlasFreeman @M @Sabex Boot on the ground, So it was big box stores (wal-mart, Meijer, Home Depot, Lowes,) that couldn't selling gardening supplies and paint but a smaller hardware could. Garden centers (nurseries) couldn't open for a bit, but then they could, it was all a shit show of stupidity from a governor that is a control freak democrat operative who's more then happy to carry out orders from all the other douche bags in her party. Then when people pushed back she played the victim.

@Sabex this is what happens when you're not allowed to carry a knife

@Sabex Can't buy a fucking kettle in the first fucking country that mandate tea kettles in tanks!

The fuck

@valleyforge that's a good question. I guess the police would go full Stasi and arrest everyone.

It's straight out of the Melbourne playbook

@Sabex the people giving these orders have names, homes, and addresses, not to be all antifa about it.

@jeremiah @Sabex this is why they disarmed the people of the UK.

Sic. Semper. Tyrannis.

@Sabex In fact, I always go in the exit and out the entry - if there’s a door, that side is cleaner, right?

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