Well at least I shouldn't have to worry about wear levelling?

The memory on this TNC-Pi is the bottom left chip, 23k.
The sd card was on offer, and is 128gb...


Seems like overkill? An Arduino should have all the processing power needed for a KISS TNC.

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@Sabex this is going to be packet radio with dialup.

It's hopefully going to be a shell people can log into too, so yes, still overkill.

Ah I see, it's a bit more than just a TNC then! I used a raspi running sound modem quite successfully for that purpose. All I needed was one of those cheapass USB sound cards and a Wouxun handheld

@Sabex I'm sure I could do it that way, but I've only ever had pain with vox, etc., etc.

I've already got one TNC-Pi running an APRS node and it's been stable and reliable for months.

I bought two of these originally anyway, with the intent of being able to talk to myself!

Yeah I started out using VOX but then used one of the raspi lines to drive a 2N2222 to switch the PTT. I always fancied using a relay for the click-clunk but never got around to it.

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