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NA Social : which lone gunman are you?

This whole Coronavirus thing has shown that most people, if living in the 1940s, would be happily mixing up the Zyklon and passing it to the camp guards.

This society is sick to the core, and won't last much longer. Time to bail on it.

Twitch has been hacked, time to change your passwords guys

@Sabex To quote a character from an old British comedy (One Foot in the Grave, Mr. Muldrew) "just when you think things can't get any worse, they do". Bad, bad luck to kill a White Stag.

You're fucking for it now, Britannia. Cernunnos will Hunt you and nom on your wobbly bits.

Even a hundred years ago, even Villains would have known the significance of the White Stag.

Just checked my crypto. I hadn't logged in for a while, assuming it was all in the toilet after all the ructions in China. Turns out I'm still up 40% of what I paid for it.

Excuse me, sir! Yes, you, Mr Bean! How big is your penis?

The Coup Against ‘The Most Loyal Ally’

"Today, Australia is a vassal state bar none: its politics, intelligence agencies, military and much of its media are integrated into Washington’s 'sphere of dominance' and war plans...

There is an historical amnesia among Australia’s polite society about the catastrophic events of 1975. An Anglo-American coup overthrew a democratically elected ally in a demeaning scandal in which sections of the Australian elite colluded."

Our problem is that our leaders (by and large) aren't terribly clever. They're also shit scared of losing their position or being denounced as the Bad Guy and getting voted out.

So what they're doing is completely deferring to their public health officials, who up until COVID hit have been sitting at their desks spanking one out imagining the next Pandemic. They've been to the conferences and got all of their plans in place and their hands were hovering over the button.

Covid hit, and well..

I wonder if they would do a mug with this picture and the text "fuck Dan Andrews"


Nice to see not all RPGs have been infected with Woke Cancer

Good job I studied propositional calculus at Uni, this would be a PITA without some sort of background

Hmmm, kernel panics on my FreeBSD laptop whenever I compile something. Just running fsck -fy in single user mode in case it's a HD issue

It's impossible to replace a default @Windows installation with a Linux distro without feeling better about yourself.

...or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux.

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