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I'm interested in seeing noagendasocial's opinion: Was Jeffrey Epstein primarily:

I must admit I'm spewing about the lockdown. Butterface Andrews couldn't manage a fucking pet shop.

Melbourne is going back into lockdown as of midnight tomorrow - unless of course you want to protest some feller dying thousands of miles away of course

Looks like the former CEO of Reddit who morally policed the content on Reddit and banned shit loads of subs knew about Ghislaine Maxwell's procurement of children and did fuck all:

@YorkshireTea I'm an evangelical container hater. Replication is waste. I come from a time where every CPU cycle and every byte of memory counts.

I think the problem is having such horrific messes of dependencies is the real problem.

I'm probably going to have to do it. Fuck.

I'm so despondent trying to install a web app with it's 20 million deps on a server, that I'm actually considering Docker.

Holy fuck.

@jeremiah @ArdanianRight "we have very little to worry about."

Completely disagree. Western countries have already been demographically transformed, with the worst yet to come. All sorts of insane ideas that would have been recognized as ridiculous 50, 20, 10, hell, 5 years ago are now mainstream, while common sense and basic scientific facts are increasingly being considered "hate speech" and can some places get you fired. We are already demonstrably less free (just look at how the internet has changed) because of these people, and like with demographics (and directly related to them), the worst is yet to come.
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