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I'm interested in seeing noagendasocial's opinion: Was Jeffrey Epstein primarily:

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Global COVID-19 deaths pass 10,000. Out of 7.8 billion.

Wow, I'm totally shitting myself

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Been fun y'all. See you on the otherside.

NASA Warns Two Asteroids Could Cause Atmospheric Explosion Over Earth This Week | Zero Hedge

I vote for COVID-19 to be renamed Boomer Entomber.

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So, I'm working from home tomorrow. Fortunately I have a nice project I can work on for the time being (a Python Web app hosted on a FreeBSD server) so I can take my time and get it schmick.

I think I'll be back to work before the rest of my department but even so, this is going to have a colossal impact on our business.

Looks like we're all preparing to work from home shortly. I fear for the economic impact of this stupid panic to the company I work for.

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"I'm from the government and I'm here to help."

The 9 most terrifying words in the English language. Wake up gang...They're coming to "help" right now...

To be fair though he did ask if I wanted the rest of the day off which was nice.

I've got the sniffles so I had to leave work, go to a Covid-19 testing centre, then go to my GP the nextday. Initially we'd arranged to have a phone call from the surgery carpark but because I'd been to the testing centre and they turned me away he let me in. I said "I haven't got the Coronavirus and need you to confirm that before I can return to work".

His reply was "this is all bullshit!" and proceeded to rail on the media for the next few minutes as he took my temperature and stuff.

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* ESR, one of the founders of the Open Source Initiative, has been banned from OSI mailing lists.
* No verifiable reason has been given, by the OSI, for the banning. Based on the timeline, presumably the offending message (or messages) would have been sent in the two day window between February 24th and February 26th.
* OSI has not responded to a request for clarification or comment.

Typical SJW corruption. OSI and EFF are making themselves irrelevant.

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I'm so behind with NA right now. I haven't even listened to @adam on JRE yet.

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