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I've just done a bit of number crunching for my sanity.

In Victoria, we have had (in total) 17,863 people "test positive" for SARS-COV-2.

Out of those, 351 people have died, so you can say 1.3% of all infections result in death. Except: In Victoria, every person testing positive who dies with it is counted as a COVID death.

Out of those 351 deaths, 91% people were over 70.

4 people under 50 have died COVID positive since this whole coronavirus thing started. That's 1.1% of all deaths.

@Sabex I've won one shower argument on the Internet juhuuu see'ya in the douches

Wasn't made redundant, god knows how.

To say our department was decimated would be an understatement. We got cut by about a third.

@Sabex can you clarify which is which? Because theyโ€™re both kind of douchey turds.

@Sabex @thatbrickster @shebang @boob >firefox releases new โ€œwarpโ€ engine >itโ€™s slower than ff 83 >it scores worse than ff 81/82 on more than half the benchmarks >chrome has double the performance on HTML5 canvas rendering

>we changed master password to primary password good job team

I nailed it. I fucking nailed it.

The Andrews government thought that a Liberal (Kinda Republican) federal government bailing out their Labour (kinda Democrat) State government would look bad, so cancelled the request for 850 troops that were already on their way to help police the quarantine hotels:

Now we're prisoners in our own homes and our economy is dead in the water just because they wouldn't accept Federal assistance. Sincerely, fuck those guys.

So, one more work day out of 11 waiting for the redundancies. All of us are wrecks.

At least one of my colleagues has resorted to managing his stress with alcohol. I'm amazed I haven't.

I'm going to have a few at the weekend though.

@MountainJay @AdamAtSea @PhoneBoy

The 1st computer I used was a DEC PDP-8, as a freshman in high school, in 1970. It had a teletype interface, with paper punch tape for storage.
I hung around the computer room & the older nerds showed me how to write programs on it using a language called FOCAL. By mid-year I was writing programs to do my algebra homework.
So, 50 years for me. (Iโ€™m old)
The 1st computer I owned was a Heathkit H8 that I built in 1977ish or 1978ish, with a whopping 8K of memory.

It's pretty odd that I'm 38% fascist when I'm a libertarian. Oh well.

I think I can get that up to 65% if I work hard

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