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@Sabex So, your sample population of respiratory illness deaths excludes people who didn't get tested and died of respiratory illness.

So glad to know people who couldn't pass Grade 11 stats are in charge of health policy. What would we do without these loser gobshite paste-eaters?
You're laughing. A bunch of Reddittors are undermining global finance, and you're laughing.

GameStop is a video game company that has been circling the drain. As games are going digital, their revenue is drying up. Then the pandemic happened, and many stores got shut down.

Their prospects were gloomy, so tons of wall street firms had shorted their stock. If you're not familiar with trading, a short is when you believe that a stock is going to go down, so under agreement you sell someone else's shares, with the promise that you'll buy them back later at whatever the current price is. If the price goes down, you make money, and if it goes up, you lose money.

That's how it's *supposed* to work, at least. Supposedly, there were more shorts on the stock than there were actual shares (this is called naked shorting and is actually illegal, but because Wall Street is a bunch of crooks they continue to do it anyways).

WallStreetBets is a meme stock trading subreddit (they describe themselves as what you get when 4chan finds a Bloomberg terminal) that realized that it was so heavily shorted that they could completely fuck over the shorts by just buying stock, and refusing to sell. Shorts need to buy stock when their position expires, so by buying stocks en masse and greatly inflating the price, they are forcing the hedge funds to buy the stocks back from them at a huge premium.

What makes this news is the fucking scale of it. 2 weeks ago, their stock was at ~$20/share. It's now over $300 a share, and depending on what WSB does it could go up more. And the shorts will have to buy it at these insane prices.

The biggest short holder, Melvin Capital, is likely to go bankrupt because of the power of weaponized autism.

@Sabex @Wookhash

I'm pretty sure they're made out of an overpricedium-toolatedeliveridium alloy ..

@Sabex The nostalgia.
Amsterdam Noord that's where I was born and raised.

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