Farage: ‘Black Lives Matter Is a Dangerous, Marxist Organisation Hell-Bent on Anarchy’


Scott Adams used to like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, sorta ... conditionally.

Now today he thinks she's the stupidest idiot in US politics. He Spends 3.5 minutes introducing this tweet she twatted, then a further 8+ minutes ranting about how stupid it is.

He needs to edit his thoughts more before he speaks. :^)


@adam: Do you know know what the difference is between between Wikileaks as a journalistic endeavor and the New York Times or Washington Post?
@Johncdvorak: Yeah, one is run by the CIA!

@adam: Who's the NBC liar guy? Who's that guy?
@Johncdvorak: All of them!

I finished watching BlackKlansman last night. Very disappointed by the ending. Using the Trump footage of "some fine people" edited to exclude the "Nazis and white nationalists' disclaimer. Also, it was kind of promoted as a subtle comedy. Not much of that.

Nearly 70% of "recycled" plastic in Japan is "thermally recycled" (i.e. incinerated). the-japan-news.com/news/articl

I don’t have an Advent calendar so I’m opening the doors to my neighbours’ houses, and eating any chocolate I find inside.

The Obama clip on the last show clearly demonstrates that Barry ain't ever seen Voyager because that's the Vulcan he gets compared to NOT Spock.

Watching May and the elites try to "exit" the EU and still save their seat at the parties for elites is funny.

We showed them in 1776 how to do this, which is basically saying "Fuck you, we're out. We're keeping our money and not following your laws." Not negotiating payments you still have to make etc.

Today I learned, that England excavated metric tens of tons of coprolites. During WWI they extracted phosphates from coprolites to make ammunition.

That feel, when people used to kill people with airborne faeces, that some ancient rhinoceroses have shat half a million years ago.
teko ui1u4y32.png

Tweet by highly paid BBC presenter Nicky Campbell intended as DM to a friend accidentally posted on his public twitter feed. He asked me to delete it - which I did. Then assured that his mistake was covered up he decided to behave like a rude asshole. So I share it with you here.

My ad-blocker is blocking nothing on this site. No adverts. No tracking. That is how it should be.

I am still hoping Usenet will make a comeback...

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