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extemporaneous nihilism feelz

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@Wookhash @aqr01 @kkerley @SpookyR I still think The Great Yoko In The Sky is the funniest....just on how bad it is.

We'll find out if Adam plays my boobs jingle on Sunday

Radio Aryan: Truth Will Out Radio: Why the Alt-Right Needs National Socialism Part 1 – TWOR 092217

"...[(((establishment climbers)))] have done their best to demonise such sensible ideas as only allowing industries that benefit the nation and banning all unearned income taken for doing nothing."

- Let's get social!

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Back in college Stephen King looked like one of his characters.

@DaDenMan @SpeookyR In my Kingdom, their behavior was enough to exile them from the jurisdiction if not snuff them out right there.

The world isn't underpopulated, and they were guests in America's house.

I feared for my life. After filing a report including the mens' address, I found the police weren't interested in pursuing them as it was Friday night in college town and they had richer fish to fry.

Non sequitor really, lol, but I thought I'd share.

@SpookyR @DaDenMan I drove taxi for about a year. I was lucky to only have to flee violence at the hands of drunk, aggressive Arabs once. The men assaulted me and damaged my cab.

They were culturally enriching white women that night. The girls were drugged. Attempted rape written all over the situation. I argued that one of the girls was being coerced and the assault ensued.

@SpookyR @DaDenMan Unwashed boobs are still . I'll take what I can get.

@DaDenMan @SpookyR Fleeing criminals do not constitute "everything".

You are scared of unclean breasts.

"Fear of loss of life" is just legalese, spoken mechanistically to prevent incriminating oneself because otherwise some emotionally manipulated citizen will classify the officer as a murderer, or unfit, for upholding his duty in the act of shooting at fleeing criminals.

@SpookyR Ha! Sounds like she's lucky to have such a woke Aunt. Thanks for being an integral part of that village that rears the children!

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An entire fucking episode about the poor deported mexican. jfc be less blunt about your shit, it's annoying as fuck.
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Let me interject for a moment. It's pronounced "gahnoo", not "gee-en-you"...

@SpookyR Many such cases, indeed. I mean, just try to find a hetero frog in 2017.

@SpookyR Lol you got that right!

Belly Button studies coming soon 😂

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Penis goes in, Bill O'Reilly comes out. You can't explain that.
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the Uber ban has things going so weird

millennial bugman labour voting leftists are in favour of free market tech disruption and are pissed off they have to pay x3 as much for fares + normally libertarian right wingers are supporting Mayor Khan banning economic competition because the leftist union run black cab monopoly is mostly staffed by white working class racist cockneys

Just don't give then any .pdfs or rss feeds to consume

"Most Slovak Jews were deported by the pro-Nazi Slovak Fascist government directly to Auschwitz, Treblinka, and other extermination camps, where they were murdered. Most Czech Jews were initially deported by the German occupiers with the help of local Czech Nazi collaborators to Terezin, known in German as Theresienstadt concentration camp and later killed. However many Czechoslovakian children were rescued by Kindertransport..."

Hey Jimmy Wales.

Citation needed.