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Meet my first NFT.
It is the first in a set called "House of Glizzy."
I am auctioning off this first one, and all proceeds will be donated to No Agenda. More Glizzies to come! Check it out here: objkt.com/auction/e/eDy1yoXD

Watch "Did China steal its first stealth fighter?" on YouTube

US Intel update.

Watch "03 July Intel Update: Dante's Inferno" on YouTube

Dutch farmers fighting back. And yes, that's poop they are spraying on a government building.


Watch "SAS Operator SMOKED These Nairobi Insurgents..." on YouTube

Like crewing gum from your ass.

Watch "True Facts: The Beaver" on YouTube

Possible Russian cyber attack on Texas LNG facility in Freeport.

Russia-linked actors may be behind an explosion at a liquefied natural gas plant in TexasSecurity Affairs

SC state representative and UD Senate candidate is looking for secret sleeper to plant in the republican party.


Time for an ice cold Diet Coke. Now with Aspartame.

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